Education Studies Department

The Education Studies Department prepares Stonehill students to become knowledgeable, skilled and caring teachers of the highest caliber.


Compassionate Leadership in Action

As Stonehill launches a major, master’s degree and 4+1 degree program in special education, experiential leaning opportunities like Camp Shriver embody the culture that will set those programs apart

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Virtual Technology Gives Education Students Dose of Reality

Picture this: it’s your first day on the job as a secondary school teacher. You have to direct a school wide writing assignment that the students are not invested in completing. How will you motivate them to produce their best work? How will you get them on task without losing valuable time?

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Students earn Excellence in Education Award

At the recent Scholars Celebration at Stonehill College, Jessica Ford ’14, Gina Sheehan ’14 and Christine Talbot ’14 received the Walter A. Devine Excellence in Education Award in recognition of their outstanding academic achievement.

"I've been placed in different suburban schools and urban schools. You get a really broad range of what it's like to be a teacher and what it's like to deal with students who come from different backgrounds."

- Katherine Womboldt '12, an Early Education + Psychology double major

In keeping with the demands of teacher preparation in the 21st century, the Education Studies programs involves a marriage between pedagogical theory and liberal arts/science content. Literacy, numeracy, social studies, science and fine arts make up the content of the PK-12 school curriculum.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the total development of the individual while producing graduates who aspire to excellence for themselves, their peers, schools, communities and the education profession.

A major in a liberal arts or science and completion of the Cornerstone Program enable Stonehill College Education Studies students to acquire the requisite content knowledge necessary to become exemplary classroom teachers.

Education Studies coursework, coupled with pre-practicum and practicum experiences, are designed to complement this content knowledge. Such experiences encourage students to develop a deep understanding of the application of pedagogical knowledge and how it can be applied in a variety of classroom, school and community settings.

Theory & Practice in a Program Crafted to Fit Your Goals

Through opportunities to observe, assist and work directly with students in designing and implementing content-specific instruction, Stonehill Education students become reflective practitioners who apply educational theory to classroom instructional practice.

Together, Education Studies faculty, staff and students seek to:

  • Make education more responsive to the evolving needs of society by investigating the complexity of culture, language and learning differences in today’s public, private and parochial classrooms 
  • Meet the learning needs of all students through the application of developmental and pedagogical theory to classroom practice 
  • Design instruction to ensure that all students experience success 
  • Create classroom materials that capitalize on student involvement and use multiple ways of knowing and expressing knowledge
  • Use technology as a critical component of the curriculum, aiding both teaching and learning

Commitment to Excellence & the Greater Good

The Education Studies Department is committed to principles of personal development, democracy, inclusion and the creation of a just and compassionate world. Together, we explore developmentally appropriate practice, methodology and technology while retaining a constant emphasis on education for civic engagement, self-awareness and humanism.