The Francis X. Dillon ’70 Alumni Service Award

The Francis X. Dillon ’70 Alumni Service Award is presented annually to one or more alums who have worked for the betterment of Stonehill College and the Alumni Association.

  • 1982 Mary Ann (Lyons) Moore ’70
  • 1983 James V. O’Connor ’52
  • 1984 David A. Sharkey ’55
  • 1985 Joseph F. Murphy ’65
  • 1986 John and Mary (Benson) Gorman ’58
  • 1987 Joseph A. Bettencourt ’58
  • 1988 Virginia (Doyle) Noone ’59
  • 1989 Daniel P. DeVasto ’70
  • 1990 John P. Murphy ’64
  • 1991 Stephen P. Lynch ’68
  • 1992 Brenda G. Hughes ’70
  • 1993 John ’69 and Cheryl (Noonan) Noblin ’71
  • 1994 Catherine P. Sabaitis ’75
  • 1995 Helene C. (Donnelly) McGovern ’79
  • 1996 Cornelius J. O’Leary ’61
  • 1996 Catherine M. (Goulding) Kuzmiski ’73
  • 1996 Richard J. Sauriol, Jr. ’92
  • 1997 James W. Chichetto, C.S.C. ’64
  • 1997 Steve ’55 and Mary (Filippetti) Markey ’57
  • 1998 Donna (Levesque) Fougere ’76
  • 1998 Brian J. McKenna ’80
  • 1999 Charles Bartolini ’81
  • 2000 James “Lou” Gorman ’53
  • 2001 Ken ’68 and Janet (Sweeney) Michel ’70
  • 2002 James Breen ’81
  • 2003 Edward P. Nordberg ’52
  • 2004 Robert E. Cummings ’61
  • 2005 James W. Kehoe ’52
  • 2006 William T. McAndrew ’70
  • 2007 Marylou (Hutchinson) Sullivan ’80
  • 2008 Joanne (Collins) Harrington ’69
  • 2009 Kathleen (O’Donovan) Schwartz ’86
  • 2010 Denise (Murphy) ’59 and Herb ’58 King
  • 2011 Linda (Demarkles) Sarro ’86
  • 2012 Mark M. Mulligan ’88
  • 2013 Richard F. Schiffmann ’54
  • 2014 Brian M. Hoffman ’77
  • 2015 Catherine Campbell ’96
  • 2016 Edward Roster ’58
  • 2017 Kerri (Riley) Ansello ’96
  • 2018 Louis Silva ’58

Outstanding Alumnus Award

Each year, the Stonehill College Alumni Council bestows the Outstanding Alumnus Award to a graduate who has achieved particularly distinguished professional success that, in turn, has brought honor to the College.

  • 1973 Gerard M. O’Neill ’64
    In recognition of his achievements in the field of journalism and investigative reporting as head of theBoston Globe's Pulitzer Prize-winning Spotlight Team.

  • 1974 Michael J. Novak ’56
    In recognition of his achievements in the fields of philosophy and journalism. A nationally-known author and Catholic intellectual in the post-Vatican Council Church.

  • 1975 Richard P. Flavin ’58
    In recognition of his professional attainments in the field of broadcasting as a political satirist. Renowned for his sharp wit, concise reporting and political sensitivity.

  • 1976 Lawrence J. Finnegan ’52
    In recognition of his distinguished career as President and Chairman of the Board of Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company and for the high esteem in which he was held by his colleague and by fellow Stonehill alumni.

  • 1977 William T. Herlihy ’52
    In recognition of his high ideals which governed his every action as a successful businessman, a civic-minded citizen and an outstanding parent.

  • 1979 James “Lou” Gorman ’53
    In recognition of his outstanding success and distinguished career in baseball which included management associations with the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, Seattle Mariners, Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox.

  • 1982 David L. Finnegan ’64
    In recognition of his exceptional leadership talents and outstanding achievements in the careers of law, politics and as a talk show host on WBZ Radio.

  • 1983 Ann L. Hagan ’65
    In recognition of her achievements as Vice President, Municipal Utilities Department at Merrill Lynch White Weld Capital Markets Group in New York. As such, the highest ranked woman on Wall Street in Municipal Utilities. She subsequently developed a reputation as a superior investment banker with Smith Barney.

  • 1984 Paul B. Flynn ’57
    In recognition of his brilliant and exciting careers in the communications industry from reporter to editor, publicist to manager, publisher to president. He served as Executive Vice President with USA Today.

  • 1985 Rita E. Smith ’62
    In recognition of her devoted life to education as an innovative, resourceful and dynamic representative of the best in the teaching profession. She was also awarded Time Magazine's 1985 "Teacher of the Year."

  • 1986 Richard D. Lehan ’52
    In recognition of his distinguished career as a scholar, teacher and literary figure. His research, publications and lectures are widely acclaimed and respected.

  • 1987 John E. Drew ’65
    In recognition of his entrepreneurial abilities as developer of Boston's World Trade Center and Merchandise Mart, Horticultural Hall, Great Woods Center for the Performing Arts, and Constitution Plaza in Charlestown.

  • 1989 Martin J. Kelley ’64
    In recognition of his exceptional leadership talents and entrepreneurial vision in business as president of Northeast Administrators, Inc. which he founded in 1963 and led to greatness.

  • 1990 William C. O’Malley ’66
    In recognition of his integrity and professionalism in public service as Plymouth County District Attorney from 1979 until his death in 1995.

  • 1991 A. Michael DeSisto ’62
    In recognition of his dedication to helping troubled youth and their families. He was an outstanding educator, a compassionate counselor, a popular author, a skilled communicator and founder of the DeSisto School, a therapeutic-educational community for troubled teenagers.

  • 1992 Rev. Arthur “Bud” Colgan, C.S.C. ’68
    In recognition of his devotion to the life of the Catholic Church and the poor communities of Peru as a member of the Congregation of Holy Cross.

  • 1993 Patricia Hanley McCurdy ’75
    In recognition of her professional achievements and dedication to community service as an educator, lawyer and children's rights advocate for the improvement of the foster care system.

  • 1994 William Driscoll ’68
    In recognition of his courage, skill and exemplary service as a Naval Flight Officer and highly decorated Vietnam veteran of over 200 combat missions.

  • 1996 Robert E. Burdge ’61
    In recognition of his distinguished career as an exceptional orthopedic surgeon, and as a teacher, administrative leader, author and researcher at Saint Louis University.

  • 1997 Jeanmarie Gribaudo, C.S.J. ’87
    In recognition of her devotion to the Catholic Church and her leadership in championing causes for Boston's inner-city youth.

  • 1998 Rev. Bartley MacPhaidin, C.S.C. ’59
    In recognition of his educational and administrative leadership over the past twenty years as President of Stonehill. His commitment to Catholic education and learning is admired by many around the globe.

  • 1999 Thomas J. May ’69
    In recognition of his leadership within the Boston business community. As CEO of Boston Edison, he led the way in deregulating utilities.

  • 2000 Marsha A. Moses ’75
    In recognition of her research, teaching and scholarship in the fight against cancer. Affiliated with The Children's Hospital and the Harvard School of Medicine, she has a distinguished reputation as a biochemist.

  • 2001 George Hagerty ’75
    For his commitment to education and his accomplishments as a teacher, scholar and senior policymaker. Currently the President of Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire, he also served the U.S. Department of Education and Stonehill College.

  • 2002 Robert Beggan ’66
    In recognition of his efforts and spirit to motivate and mobilize people to participate in volunteer activities. The President and Chief Executive Officer of United Way International (UWI), he has served United Way organizations with distinction for more than 30 years.

  • 2003 David Pomfret ’59
    In recognition of his dedication to the medical field as a renowned physician and as a medical missionary who has put his experience at the service of people in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world.

  • 2004 Catherine Sabaitis ’75
    In recognition of her distinguished law career, which continues to concentrate on family issues. The First Justice of the Probate and Family Court, Plymouth, MA, also serves on the Board of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

  • 2005 Judith E. McDowell ’69
    For her commitment to environmental awareness and protection as a teacher, administrator and scholar. She currently works as a Senior Scientist in the biology department of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute where she also serves as Director of the Woods Hole Sea Grant Program and as an Associate Dean.

  • 2006 Richard Lally ’79
    For his work as a nuclear physicist, military leader and scholar. He currently serves as Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering at Boston University.

  • 2007 Rev. Hugh Cleary, C.S.C. '69

    In recognition of his achievements as Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross in Rome and years of exemplary service to the Holy Cross religious.

  • 2008 Elizabeth (O'Connor) Fini '75
    In recognition of her distinguished career in medical research.  After establishing world-class research programs at Tufts University School of Medicine and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, she went on to conduct groundbreaking research into the causes of glaucoma. She currently serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Research Advancement at the Keck School of Medicine.

  • 2009 Douglas McIntyre '79

    In recognition of his early work as a television writer-producer creating the acclaimed Liberty’s Kids series and as a radio personality in one of the largest U.S. radio markets.

  • 2010 Richard Finnegan '64

    For his achievements as a professor, scholar and expert of Irish politics, ethnic politics and international relations and as a recipient of the Fulbright Distinguished Chair. 

  • 2012 Edward Cooley '94

    In recognition of his successes as men’s basketball coach at Fairfield University and currently has head coach at Providence College, where he inspires players to be their best both on and off the court. 

  • 2014 Patrick Callahan '72

In recognition of your accomplishments in business and executive leadership, and as a mentor who inspires employees to innovate and grow.

  • 2015 Judith Salerno ’73

In recognition of your leadership as a woman in science who has created remarkable avenues of outreach and education on several of the most pressing health challenges in society today.

  • 2016 Br. Thomas Dziekan, C.S.C. ’71
  • 2017 Daniel Somers ’69
  • 2018 Peter Masciola ’79

Graduate Of the Last Decade Award

The Graduate Of the Last Decade Award is presented annually by the Stonehill College Alumni Council to an alumnus/a within ten years of graduation in recognition of notable accomplishment that reflects positively on Stonehill College.

By completing and submitting the nomination form below, you can nominate alums that you feel meet the above criteria. All nominations will be kept on file in the Alumni Office and will be reviewed by the Alumni Council Awards Committee.

  • 2015 Nicole Bollerman ’10
  • 2016 Marquis Taylor ’06
  • 2017 Brittany Bergquist ’13
  • 2018 Matthew Gorman ’11

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