May School of Arts & Sciences

Engineering with a focus on aiding humanity

Professor Hassan Bajwa’s vision for Stonehill’s newest academic program centers on developing engineers who can help solve the biggest problems threatening humans and their planet.

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Why Stonehill College?

The May School of Arts & Sciences brings together Stonehill College’s core disciplines and departments to provide a comprehensive four-year learning experience that fosters insightful collaboration and prepares students to be critical thinkers and creative leaders in their chosen fields.

ABS Leadership Program
Students at Stonehill College benefit from small and thoughtful class sizes. And Stonehill faculty, staff and students are empowered to serve as mentors, embodying a coordinated and campuswide commitment to student success.
Stonehill College students routinely take advantage of study abroad and service opportunities overseas in order to bring their curricula beyond the classroom in pursuit of knowledge, humanity and service. More than 30% of the Class of 2019 spent a semester abroad, gaining life-changing experiences in the process.
Stonehill is a welcoming and supportive community where students find lifelong mentors and friends. It's also conveniently located just 22 miles from Boston and 35 miles from Providence, providing access to countless internships, research and cultural experiences.


By the Numbers

Through an expansive portfolio of internships, externships, study abroad opportunities, and new opportunities for hands-on learning and scholarship, graduates of the May School of Arts & Sciences are well-positioned to thrive in a rapidly changing and globally competitive economy.


Of graduates over the past four years, 90 percent are employed, in top graduate programs or engaged in postgraduate service within six months of graduating

participation in high-impact practices

92% of seniors participate in “high-impact practices” including internships, practicums, field experience, study abroad and professional research.

completed internships

76% of the Class of 2021 completed at least one internship experience, both domestic and abroad.

At Stonehill, we say that we're educating students for life. A career is part of life, but only part. To me, the real importance of a liberal arts education is understanding what makes people tick as humans.

Real World Opportunities

Stonehill College ranks among the highest in the nation when it comes to connecting students with high-impact practices such as internships, practicums, study abroad and research.

  • Internships & Externships

    Stonehill has an exceptional record of helping students secure highly competitive internships that can help them hone their career plans and build networks that can turn those plans into reality.

  • Study Abroad

    We recognize the multifaceted benefits of studying abroad given today’s global economy and our students travel to countries near and far in the pursuit of knowledge, humanity and service.

  • Research

    Our programs have students working one-on-one in partnership with faculty on graduate-level research and are distinctive for the range of available opportunities in all of our majors.

Internship Opportunities

Internships are integral for preparing students for postgraduate opportunities. They provide an opportunity to gain valuable experience, build a professional network, and learn more about yourself and potential careers.

Cold Cases, Hot Courses

Professor Maureen Boyle’s is leveraging her success in the true-crime book genre to enrich her journalism students’ learning.