For a list of classrooms and labs, including room size, seating style and features:

For multimedia and software information:

Who to contact about a classroom problem or suggestion:

Immediate Needs

If you run into a classroom problem that needs to be addressed immediately (e.g. the projector isn’t working or the classroom is too cold):

On-Going Maintenance

If a classroom requires maintenance that isn’t urgent (e.g. the white board needs replacing):

  • for technology concerns, contact the IT Service Desk [] at X-1111
  • for maintenance concerns, ask your department’s administrative assistant to submit a work order through Facilities Management’s online portal 

Major Projects/Innovations

If you have an idea for a major renovation of a classroom or you’d like to request that a new type of classroom be developed, then you should ask your department chair submit a Space Improvement Form providing as much detail as possible about your request.

You do not need to identify a particular classroom as part of your proposal nor do you need to have every last detail worked out.  The Learning Space Committee will work with you to flesh out your proposal as part of their decision-making process.

For semester-long classroom scheduling questions and requests:

For one-time classroom requests or requests for non-classroom space:

All one-time classroom requests, or requests for non-classroom space should be made online through the Master Calendar Event Request process.This can be done by going to the College's Master Calendar and clicking on the "Submit an Event" button and then following the instructions.