COVID-19 Update

We are pleased to be welcoming visitors to campus once again through our Self-Guided Tours program. While access to campus remains limited to this program at this time in order to best protect the health and safety of all in our community, we hope to be able to offer additional opportunities for campus visits soon. In the meantime, we invite you to take part in one or more of our virtual programs as an introduction to the Stonehill experience.


We know that campus visits are a critical part of every student’s college search process and thank you for your patience and understanding. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admission at (508) 565-1373 or

Self-Guided Tours

Virtual Visit Options

Stonehill will be offering virtual visit options throughout the fall for families interested in learning more about the College's welcoming community, academics and experiential learning opportunities. 

  • Virtual Information Sessions

    If you are just beginning to explore Stonehill, we recommend starting with our Virtual Information Sessions. Offered once a week, these webinars serve as an introduction to Stonehill and touch on the College's mission, academic experience, student engagement and admission and financial aid. Admission counselors and a current student provide a well-rounded view of life at Stonehill.

  • Virtual Student Panels

    Hear directly from current Stonehill students for a firsthand look at life as a Skyhawk! Over the course of the fall, join us for one or more panels featuring student presenters on topics ranging from our Division II Athletics to Campus Ministry to the Moreau Honors Program and more.

  • Virtual Counselor Connections

    These individual meetings will allow you to speak directly with your admission counselor. Counselor Connections are a great way to learn more about Stonehill while allowing us to get to know you more personally.

Applying for Admission

The Common Application

The Common Application is an easy-to-use college application system. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your family; and some more detailed information about your education and your extracurricular activities. You’ll also be asked to write a 500-650 word essay.

Application Deadlines

Students should choose the application option that best suits their interest and complete their applications by the appropriate deadline. Please know that information and materials submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission cannot be returned to students.

Early Action is a nonbinding application option. If you choose to apply to Stonehill as an Early Action applicant, you’ll be considered for admission earlier than students who apply as Regular Decision applicants, but you’re not required to enroll if you’re admitted. You will be notified of the decision in early January, and have until May 1 to enroll.

Reasons to Apply Early Action

  1. You’ll get our attention by indicating that Stonehill is among your top choices
  2. Your college application will be done early, so you can focus on a strong finish to your senior year
  3. You'll get your admission decision back in early January

Early Decision is a binding application option. If you choose to apply to Stonehill as an Early Decision applicant and you’re admitted, you must enroll. As an Early Decision applicant, you’ll be considered for admission earlier than students who apply as Regular Decision applicants. Early Decision applicants must complete the Early Decision Agreement.

Reasons to Apply Early Decision

  1. You’ll get our attention by indicating that Stonehill is your first choice
  2. Your college application will be done early, so you can focus on a strong finish to your senior year
  3. You'll get your admission decision back by January 1
  4. You'll get your financial aid package back by January 1

Regular Decision is a nonbinding application option. If you choose to apply to Stonehill as a Regular Decision applicant, the grades from your grade 12 first semester or trimester will be considered in our review. You will be notified of the decision early to mid-March, and have until May 1 to enroll.

Reasons to Apply Regular Decision

  1. You’ll have additional time beyond our early deadlines during your busy senior year to complete your application and essay, but will still receive full consideration for admission and merit-based scholarships
  2. You will have the opportunity to show us your most recent academic performance in your first semester/trimester of senior year - we can consider these grades when evaluating your application for admission and merit-based scholarships.

Early Decision II is an opportunity, in unique circumstances, to apply for admission after the Regular Decision deadline and to receive your decision in two weeks. It is a binding application option and requires submission of the Early Decision Agreement.  Students admitted under the Early Decision II option are required to withdraw any offer of admission and pending applications at other institutions.

Reasons to Apply Early Decision II

  1. You’ll get our attention by indicating that Stonehill has emerged as your top choice in your senior year 
  2. Apply after our Regular Decision deadline but receive your admission decision weeks earlier, by mid-February compared to mid-March
  3. Have the opportunity to show us your academic performance in your first semester/trimester of senior year.  We can consider these grades when evaluating you for admission and merit scholarships

For first-year students looking to enroll in the spring.

Students who apply as Early Decision or Early Action applicants may be deferred to the Regular Decision application process. If you receive a defer decision, you must complete and return the Deferral Response Card that arrives with your decision letter to receive further consideration within the Regular Decision applicant pool. In addition to returning the Deferral Response Card, please have your high school counseling office submit your first semester or trimester grades as soon as they become available.

Decision Timeline

Admission decisions will be sent according to the following timeline.

Application Plan Notification Sent
Early Action Early January
Early Decision Late December
Early Decision II Mid February
Regular Decision Mid March

Applying for Financial Aid

Stonehill and the Office of Student Financial Services is committed to helping families navigate the financial aid process to ensure they make a four-year degree affordable.

  • How to Apply

    Because there is great demand for financial aid, students must file a renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”) each year in order to continue receiving scholarships, grants, loans, and work study from Stonehill and government sources.

  • Cost of Attendance

    An estimated Cost of Attendance provides students and parents with projected educational costs associated with full-time attendance for a one year period. Knowing the Cost of Attendance can help you budget and better plan the financing of your education.

  • Scholarships & Grants

    Scholarships and grants (or “gift aid”) are financial aid awards that you don’t have to pay back. Some gift aid is awarded based on merit (the recognition of outstanding academic achievement), and some gift aid is awarded based on your financial need.

Admission Standards

Each student has a unique background and we want to put your academic record into the proper context. The following factors are the primary focus of our consideration.

Stonehill is a community that believes success is best defined by our impact on others. 58% of the Class of 2023 was involved in community service or volunteer work while in high school. Photo of Stonehill students on service trip in Arizona.

Part of our review will include the courses you have taken in each subject area within the context of what your high school offers. The curriculum must meet both the general requirements of a college preparatory program and the particular requirements of Stonehill College. Most successful applicants have prepared for the rigors of Stonehill by taking a demanding college preparatory program in high school including: 4 units of English; 4 units of mathematics; 3 units of science; 3 units of foreign language; and 4 combined units of history, political science and social sciences. In addition to these units, 2 academic elective subjects should be taken.

A student's application cannot be acted upon until the Committee on Admission receives an official high school transcript including course grades for grade 9, grade 10 and grade 11 for early action and early decision candidates. Course grades from first semester of grade 12 will be included in our review of applications from regular decision candidates.

Stonehill College is test optional in the application review process. Students are welcome to submit SAT or ACT scores if they believe the scores will benefit their application for admission. However, test scores are not required. The Stonehill College code numbers are 3770 (SAT) and 1918 (ACT). For more information on average SAT and ACT scores for successful candidates for admission, please see the Student Profile section below.

Most applicants to Stonehill are reviewed and admitted with no regard for financial aid filing status or calculated need. However, due to the limitation of financial resources and competitive nature of our awards, a first-year applicant’s eligibility for aid may be considered in the admission process for a small portion of our candidates.

  • Class rank, if provided
  • Recommendations from your guidance/college counselors and at least one teacher
  • Extracurricular activities: we are an active campus looking for active students
  • Personal statement (essay) and optional Stonehill College question: these personal elements provide a chance for us to hear your voice and learn more about you as a person
  • Engagement with Stonehill College, the faculty, staff, and programming opportunities during your college search

Class of 2023 First-Year Student Profile

  • 6,958 total applications
  • Early Decision: 128
  • Early Action: 3,212
  • Regular Decision: 3,618
  • Admitted: 4,712
  • 660 first-year students: 59% women, 41% men
  • 0.3% American Indian/Alaska Native
  • 3.6% Asian
  • 3.8% Black or African American
  • 5.9% Hispanic
  • 78.8% White
  • 2.3% two or more races
  • 5.3% race/ethnicity unknown
  • 27% First Generation
  • 23% business
  • 27% science (STEM)
  • 9% education
  • 25% liberal arts
  • 15% undeclared
  • 3.32 average GPA (on a 4.0 scale), Middle 50%: 3.10-3.56
  • SAT Middle 50% - 550-640 SAT math, 570-650 SAT evidence based reading and writing
  • ACT Middle 50% - 24-29 ACT composite
  • Middle 50% rank in class – 12%-40%
  • 69% completed at least 1 AP course
  • 34% completed 3 or more AP courses
  • SAT Test ranges above reflect the 55% of the class of 2023 who reported their scores to the Office of Admission.
  • 58% took part in community service or volunteer work
  • 69% participated in varsity athletics
  • 31% of varsity athletes served as team captains
  • 45% participated in an academic club
  • 34% performed in dance, music and/or drama
  • 57% worked a part-time job

Contact Information

May Hall – 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357

The Office of Undergraduate Admission assists students and families as they learn more about Stonehill and navigate the college application process.

Duffy Academic Center – 103

The Office of Student Financial Assistance assists students and families in finding and managing the financial resources that will enable them to afford a college education.