Merit-Based Scholarship and Awards

Eligibility for these competitive awards is established on an individual basis and primarily driven by overall academic achievement, rank in class, rigor of the student’s chosen high school curriculum, and student's cost of attendance as a resident or commuter.

Merit scholarships, awarded at the time of admission, beginning with the class of 2026 include, Shields Merit Scholarship, Stonehill Scholarship and the Stonehill Founders Award. While the name of the award may be adjusted based upon institutional resources and the potential availability of donor funds, there is no expectation that amounts will change in subsequent years of enrollment, except for a change in residency status. A change in residency status from resident to commuter will result in a reduction in your merit scholarship of approximately 20%.  

Division I recruited student athletes may not be eligible for this merit commitment due to the potential of athletically related aid.

Merit-Based Awards / Scholarships Renewal Criteria

All merit based awards are renewable for up to four years providing the students maintains a required cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 and Satisfactory Academic Progress. All awards and merit scholarships presume continuous full-time enrollment for a maximum of eight semesters.

Institutional Scholarships & Grants

Institutional grants are tied to the family’s financial circumstances and requires annual completion of financial aid applications. Stonehill College awards financial aid (need-based, merit, athletic and gift aid) based on the annual total cost of attendance, whereby total aid from all sources will not exceed billed costs. If a situation arises where the College makes an adjustment to the total billed costs, institutional aid will be adjusted accordingly. Changes to institutional charges which would impact the total billed costs could include adjustments to tuition, room and board, and fees. If the adjustments caused total aid to exceed billed costs, a pro-ration of institutional aid would occur to reconcile the difference.

Need-Based Scholarships & Grants

The Stonehill College Grant is funded by the College and awarded on the basis of institutionally defined financial need. These funds are renewable if the student continues to be enrolled full time, meets satisfactory academic progress requirements, files the financial aid application each year, and demonstrates financial need. Incoming student awards are tentative, pending verification of the information on the financial aid application.

Awarded each year to a select number of students who are residents of Brockton, Massachusetts.  Satisfactory academic progress is the minimum renewal criteria.  Presumes continuous full-time enrollment for a maximum of eight semesters.

Non-renewable Grants are funded by the College and based on exceptional circumstances. Awarded for one year only and, as stated, not renewable in subsequent years.

Congregation of Holy Cross & Fall River Diocesan Grants

All graduates of Bishop Stang, Bishop Connolly, Bishop Feehan, Cardinal Spellman and St. John Paul II high schools receive the $6,000 Diocesan Scholarship to attend Stonehill. *

* This award is "stackable", meaning it is awarded in addition to any merit scholarships for which the student may be eligible. Renewal requires maintaining satisfactory academic progress. There is no expectation that the amount will increase in subsequent years. Presumes continuous full-time enrollment for a maximum of eight semesters.

All graduates of Holy Cross Fathers and Brothers high schools receive the $7,500 Congregation of Holy Cross High School Scholarship to attend Stonehill. *

* This award is "stackable", meaning it is awarded in addition to any merit scholarships for which the student may be eligible. Renewal requires maintaining satisfactory academic progress. There is no expectation that the amount will increase in subsequent years. Presumes continuous full-time enrollment for a maximum of eight semesters.

Athletic Scholarships

Recipients of Athletic Scholarships are selected by the Department of Athletics, to which all questions regarding this type of aid should be directed.

Other Scholarships, Grants & Discounts

Established by the Alumni Association in memory of Brassil Fitzgerald, professor of English at Stonehill College from its foundation until his death in 1962. Awarded as a half-tuition scholarship, each to two students entering their fourth year. Awarded at the discretion of the Alumni Council, in consultation with the Director of Student Financial Assistance, who will select students in need of financial assistance with ability to do outstanding academic work. Applications provided by Office of Alumni Affairs.

This scholarship  is offered to two academically talented and financially needy first-year students who are alumni of the Ron Burton Training Village and may cover up to full tuition.   To renew, recipients must file a complete financial aid application and demonstrate continued financial need. Presumes continuous full- time enrollment for a maximum of eight semesters and requires maintenance of satisfactory academic progress.

This is funded by Stonehill and awarded on the condition that the applicable family members are full-time students, living in the same household, matriculating at the same time, paying tuition to Stonehill, and not receiving any other scholarship, grant, or tuition remission from the College. The schedule is as follows: 2nd student – 25% tuition discount; 3rd and subsequent student(s) – 50% tuition discount. The total family reduction will be divided and applied equally to each family member.

Room & Board Grants given to students who serve as Resident Assistants on staff with Residence Life. These grants are treated as a resource in financial aid awarding, per federal regulations; however, an RA’s eligibility for Stonehill need-based grants and scholarships will not be affected by receipt of the RA Grant unless total gift aid exceeds billed costs, or federal Title IV regulations require adjustment to aid.

Gift aid based on parental employment at another participating institution, which certifies initial and renewal eligibility. Requires full-time enrollment, maintenance of satisfactory academic progress, with limited transferability to study abroad and internship programs.

Government Funded Gift Aid

We participate in federal scholarship and grant programs, including those authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act, Massachusetts grant programs, and reciprocal programs between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and many other states.

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Restricted & Endowed Scholarships

Restricted & Endowed Scholarships come from gifts made to the College endowment or from annual gifts by donors to the College. These scholarships are for one year only (although you may apply for consideration in subsequent years), and most are earmarked for returning students.

Stonehill College is fortunate to have many of its merit scholarships and financial aid grants made possible through the generosity of our alumni and donors. Students’ awards are funded, in part or in whole, by the gifts made by individuals, corporations, and foundations to our scholarship and grant programs. Students will be notified if their donor is among those who have given us permission to make their identity known. At that time, we hope the recipient will join our tradition of recognizing the donors who, in seeking to honor the remarkable accomplishments of our students, make the contributions that help provide access to a Stonehill education.

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Private Scholarships

Many students use private scholarships as a way to help fund their education. Last year Stonehill students received over $1 Million in private scholarships.

Minuteman Scholarship

A scholarship opportunity through the Massachusetts National Guard.