Achieve Your Full Potential in the Heart of New England

Through its undergraduate and graduate programs in liberal arts, sciences and business, Stonehill College provides international students with an education of the highest caliber that fosters critical thinking, the interchange of ideas as well as the practical and cultural experiences needed to succeed here and around the world.

The entire community at Stonehill collaborates to help you develop the knowledge, skills and character you need to meet your life goals and to live a life of purpose and integrity. You get the support you need to be confident in what you do and the challenging environment you need to achieve your full potential.

Rigorous Academics in a Welcoming Community

An active community situated on 384 beautiful acres only 22 miles (35 kilometers) from Boston, Stonehill offers 52 majors and 59 minors in the humanities, natural and social sciences, business, education and pre-professional advising programs.

We are a Catholic college affiliated with the University of Notre Dame through our shared roots in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Our focus on educating the whole person helps inspire students to pursue serious academic inquiry, make meaningful choices and serve others.

Applying for Admission

Admission to Stonehill is competitive. Stonehill typically receives about 10 applications for every space in our first year class. We give each application a holistic evaluation and carefully review each piece of information you submit. We pay special attention to your academic performance in secondary school and the strength of the classes you select. We evaluate the strength or difficulty of the courses you selected, your academic preparation for your chosen major field of study, your cumulative grade point average, your involvement in clubs, activities or volunteer work outside of the classroom, and we carefully review your recommendations from your university counselor and teachers. Since Stonehill is piloting a test-blind policy for all undergraduate applicants for the fall 2021 (Class of 2025), fall 2022 (Class of 2026), fall 2023 (Class of 2027), and fall 2024 (Class of 2028) entry terms, we will not accept or review SAT or ACT scores. Finally, we also make sure you have the English proficiency to do college-level work in the United States and that you have sufficient financial support to pay for your educational and living expenses.

The Common Application

The Common Application is an easy-to-use college application system. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your family; and some more detailed information about your education and your extracurricular activities. You’ll also be asked to write a 500-650 word essay.

Financial Assistance

Stonehill offers competitive merit-based scholarships to international students. All applicants are automatically considered for Stonehill's merit-based scholarships and are awarded to students with strong academic credentials. There are no special forms that you need to complete to qualify. Please note that merit scholarships typically cover less than half of the full cost of attendance. 

Division I recruited student athletes may not be eligible for this merit commitment due to the potential of athletically related aid.

Stonehill does not offer need-based financial assistance for international students, so we do not accept the International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA).

Learn more about financial assistance for international students.

  • Cost of Attendance

    An estimated Cost of Attendance provides students and parents with projected educational costs associated with full-time attendance for a one year period.

  • Merit-Based Scholarships

    Merit-based scholarships are the only form of financial assistance offered to international students. Merit scholarship award decisions are made during the admission review process and are awarded to students with strong academic credentials.

  • International Student Certification of Finances

    International Students are required to submit both the International Student Certification of Finances form and a certified statement from their bank (in English), verifying that they have sufficient funds available to finance their first year's tuition and living expenses. The statement should be dated within three months of submission to Stonehill.

An Investment with Proven Value

A Stonehill education is a profound value for the investment. Our students graduate with jobs at well above the national average and benefit from a liberal arts foundation that gives them the intellectual flexibility to take advantage opportunities that may turn them in an entirely new direction.


Stonehill has over 80 on-campus clubs and organizations

Study Abroad Programs

Stonehill has over 150+ semester-long study abroad program in 45 countries

Degree Partnerships

Stonehill has 28 degree partnerships for those seeking advanced degrees

Internship Placement Rate

84% of the class of 2019 completed at least one internship domestically or internationally.

Mailing Address

May Hall – 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357

The Office of Undergraduate Admission assists students and families as they learn more about Stonehill and navigate the college application process.

Contact Information

John W. Pepin

John W. Pepin

Senior Associate Dean of Admission, International Recruitment