College Closure and Delayed Opening Policy

Should the College need to close due to a weather emergency, all in-person operations, including classes, events, activities, etc., will be cancelled. The only exception will be for employees who are assigned to work in essential service areas, as defined by the College. These areas include Facilities, the Stonehill College Police Department, dining operations, and other personnel as needed. Closure decisions are made ideally by 6:30 a.m. on the day of a significant weather event. 

Ways to Discover Closure Announcements

1. Hill Alert System: The Hill Alert system will be used to announce College closings and sent directly to community members via text and email. 

2. College voicemail line: Call (508) 565-5000. A voicemail recording announcing closures will be available. Please try again if the line is busy.

3. homepage: A pop-up notice will also be placed on the college website's homepage.

3. Local news stations: Closing announcements will be broadcast on WBZ AM Radio 1030; WBZ TV Channel 4 Boston; WCVB TV Channel 5 Boston; WHDH TV Channel 7 Boston; WXFT TV Channel 25 Boston; and Stonehill Channel 70.

4. Twitter: Campus closures will be announced via Stonehill College's Twitter page.

If the College does not close, but conditions in your locale make it impossible to travel, please use your best judgment. Your safety should always be the top priority. Consistent with the College’s flexible work arrangement policy, some faculty and staff may elect to teach or work remotely during an inclement weather event. To ensure that the needs of students and the institution are met, community members should communicate alternative work arrangements with supervisors and other appropriate parties before the College’s normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) begin. 

Partial Closings

The College may elect to delay the opening of daily business. In the case of a delay the College will inform employees and students of the adjusted work and class schedule. 

If a delay or cancellation occurs during the final exam period, the missed exam will be re-scheduled either during the make-up time period or on the day following the last date of scheduled exams.

The College may also close early because of weather conditions. We will make every attempt to announce the decision at least two hours before the time that the College will close.