Advanced and Supplemental Degree Partnerships

Accounting, MAcc

Loyola University, Maryland
Loyola University Maryland and Stonehill College have arranged for the preferred admission of qualified Stonehill students to the Master of Accounting Program. The program is designed for recent accounting graduates who want immediate, high-quality coursework relevant to the profession.

Engineering 3+2, B.A. & B.S.

King’s College
Stonehill College and King's College have partnered to offer students a unique educational experience that gives them two degrees in five years. Students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Stonehill and a Bachelor of Science degree from King's College in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering 3+2, B.A. & B.S.

University of Notre Dame
The Notre Dame Engineering Dual-Degree program gives students the opportunity to study at both a selective liberal arts college and a nationally ranked research university. Through this initiative, students attend Stonehill for three years to earn a science degree in either chemistry, computer science, environmental science or physics, then transfer to The University of Notre Dame to earn a corresponding bachelor's degree in engineering.

Nuclear Medicine Technology, Advanced Certificate

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (MCPHS) University—Boston and Stonehill College have arranged for the assured admission of up to four qualified Stonehill students to the Advanced Certificate in Nuclear Medicine Technology (NMT) Program.