An articulation agreement allows students who complete three years at Stonehill and two years at Notre Dame to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Stonehill and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Notre Dame in one of a variety of engineering fields.  The Stonehill degree will normally be in Chemistry (for Chemical Engineering), Computer Science (for Computer Engineering), Environmental Studies (for Environmental Engineering or Environmental Earth Science), or Physics (for Aerospace, Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering). 


  • Transfer admission to the University of Notre Dame
  • Receive both Stonehill and Notre Dame bachelor degrees at the end of five years


  • Cumulative GPA of 3.60 at Stonehill
  • Cumulative technical GPA of 3.60 (will be calculated from math, physics, science, and engineering courses appearing on the student’s transcript)
  • A grade of at least C in all courses; a B or better must be earned in courses that transfer to satisfy Notre Dame degree requirements (per Notre Dame Undergraduate Academic Code). For all courses where a student does not earn the minimum grade (Cor B), at Stonehill’s discretion, the student may retake that course in an attempt to:
    1. Earn a C and remain eligible for the program; or
    2. Earn a B and allow the course to transfer to the Notre Dame transcript.
  • In this case, consistent with Notre Dame’s Undergraduate Academic Code, both grades will be used to calculate the student’s GPA (overall and technical required in paragraphs 1 and 2)
  • At least 62 semester credit-hours of work that can be transferred to satisfy Notre Dame engineering degree requirements;
  • Recommendation for admission by their academic advisor or the Program Director at Stonehill College; and
  • Demonstrated commitment to the community values and standards of conduct of both Notre Dame and Stonehill as determined in Notre Dame’s sole discretion, following its assessment of the information provided by Stonehill in the “College Official’s Report.”

Application Requirements

  • Apply Online
  • Official transcripts
  • Send Official College Report certifying your good standing at Stonehill College
  • Letter of recommendation from Professor Ralph Bravaco

Contact Information

Notre Dame: Dual Degree Engineering Program

Hassan Bajwa, Professor of Engineering/Director