At Stonehill, Your Four Years of College Won't Define You. You'll Define Them.

Chart your own unique path, discovering purpose and inspiration at every turn. Stonehill offers experiences that will help you build a bright and confident future. Each step you take will lead you toward a meaningful career and purposeful life.

Undergraduate Admission

  • First-Year Admission

    If you are a first-year, undergraduate applicant who has never attended a college or university, learn more about our undergraduate admission requirements.

  • Transfer Admission

    If you have earned some college credits after graduating high school, learn more about our transfer admission process.

  • International Admission

    International Applicants are students who are not citizens or permanent residents of the U.S. International students are those who would typically need an F-1 student visa to attend Stonehill.

Graduate & Certificate Admission

Graduate Admission

If you hold an undergraduate degree and are interested in our graduate programs in Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Analytics and Inclusive Education, learn more here about the graduate admission process.

Certificate Program in Advanced Manufacturing & Photonics

Photonics, the study of light-based technology and other applications of optical science, is rapidly expanding. This certificate program – offered by the Stonehill-Bridgewater Partnership for Integrated Photonics in collaboration with MIT's Knowledge and Innovation for Manufacturing Initiative – is designed to equip program participants with the skills and experience needed to thrive in this burgeoning market.