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  • SIA Sit-In

    The Stonehill Students In Action (SIA) group held a campus sit-in on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to address racial injustice here on campus. During this event, students, faculty, and alumni spoke about their personal experiences with racial inequalities and called upon Stonehill’s leaders to enact lasting change that will unite the Stonehill community as a true family.

  • Stress Reduction Tips

    To say this a stressful time is an understatement. The pandemic rages on, protests over systemic racial injustice continue, and a deeply divided electorate is preparing for Nov. 3. Looking ahead can be anxiety provoking. Read more for some tips to reduce stress.

  • Election Integrity

    With Nov. 3 nearing, the debate over mail-in voting continues to rage. A recent article from Newsday details President Donald Trump’s claims that mail-in voting will lead to massive voter fraud and call into question to the validity of election results. That same article details the results of a series of studies – conducted by both progressive and conservative think tanks – that indicate cases of mail-in voting fraud are rare. It also casts doubt on claims that foreign actors will sway the election by printing and distributing fake ballots.


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