The Research, Teaching & Learning group includes the Reference Team and the Digital Innovation Lab.

Members of the Reference Team assist the students, faculty and staff of Stonehill College in collecting and using the resources of the MacPháidín Library.

Librarians are available to answer research and collections questions in the library from 10am until 6pm, Monday through Friday. Librarians can be reached in person by asking for the on-call Reference Librarian at The Desk, by calling 508-565-1313, or email at Appointments can be made for individual or small-group consultations (508-565-1313).

Customized Library Instruction is also available for classes.

The MacPháidín Library's Instruction Classroom (also known as the Flynn DisCo) can be reserved for occasional computer training sessions and class presentations.


MacPhaidin Library provides informational resources that support the College's academic programs. Its goal is to provide faculty and students with the material and services needed for effective teaching, learning and research.