For help with a particular subject, including brainstorming meetings, help with subject-specific research, or one-on-one research tutoring, find your Subject Liaison below. The names of departments and programs also link to their Library Guides, where available. You can then book a research session.

Department/Program Subject Liaison
American Studies Trish McPherson,
Anthropology Trish McPherson,
Biology Lindsay Boezi,
Business Lindsay Boezi,
Chemistry Lindsay Boezi,
Communication Trish McPherson,
Computer Science Garrett McComas,
Data Science Garrett McComas,
Economics Lindsay Boezi,
Education Lindsay Boezi,
English Trish McPherson,
Gender & Sexuality Studies Trish McPherson,
Healthcare Management

Garrett McComas,

History Trish McPherson,
Languages, Literatures & Culture Garrett McComas,
Mathematics Lindsay Boezi,
Neuroscience Garrett McComas,
Philosophy Garrett McComas,
Physics Lindsay Boezi,
Political Science Trish McPherson,
Psychology Trish McPherson,
Religious Studies & Theology Trish McPherson,
Sociology & Criminology Trish McPherson,
Visual & Performing Arts Garrett McComas,
Writing Program Lindsay Boezi,

Reference Librarians are your link to the extensive range of services and resources offered by the Library.  In addition to general reference services, Reference Librarians serve as Subject Liaisons for particular Stonehill College departments and programs.

Reference Librarians:

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