Stonehill is a community that believes success is best defined by our impact on others. 58% of the Class of 2023 was involved in community service or volunteer work while in high school. (Photo of Stonehill students on service trip in Arizona.)

Primary Factors Considered in Our Review

Part of our review will include the courses you have taken in each subject area within the context of what your high school offers. The curriculum must meet both the general requirements of a college preparatory program and the particular requirements of Stonehill College. Most successful applicants have prepared for the rigors of Stonehill by taking a demanding college preparatory program in high school including:

  • 4 units of English
  • 4 units of mathematics
  • 3 units of science
  • 3 units of foreign language
  • 4 combined units of history, political science and social sciences

In addition to these units, 2 academic elective subjects should be taken.

A student's application cannot be acted upon until the Office of Undergraduate Admission receives an official high school transcript including course grades for grade 9, grade 10 and grade 11 for Early Action and Early Decision candidates.

Course grades from the first semester/trimester of grade 12 will be included in our review of applications from Early Action II and Regular Decision candidates.

Most applicants to Stonehill are reviewed and admitted with no regard for financial aid filing status or calculated need. However, due to the limitation of financial resources and competitive nature of our awards, a first-year applicant’s eligibility for aid may be considered in the admission process for a small portion of our candidates.

  • Class rank, if provided
  • Recommendations from your guidance/college counselors and at least one teacher
  • Extracurricular activities: we are an active campus looking for active students
  • Personal statement (essay) and optional Stonehill College question: these personal elements provide a chance for us to hear your voice and learn more about you as a person
  • Demonstrated interest, which we define as engagement with Stonehill College, the faculty, staff, and admission programming opportunities during your college search

In order to ensure equitable standards for admission, Stonehill will pilot a test-blind process for all undergraduate applicants this fall.

We understand that COVID-19 continues to disrupt the ability for students to both prepare and sit for the SAT and ACT. Our hope is to alleviate any anxiety students may have regarding access to testing as it relates to eligibility among a competitive application and scholarship pool.

Considering this change, students should not submit the results of their SAT or ACT exams when applying to Stonehill.

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Class of 2023 First-Year Student Profile

  • 6,958 total applications
  • Early Decision: 128
  • Early Action: 3,212
  • Regular Decision: 3,618
  • Admitted: 4,712
  • 660 first-year students: 59% women, 41% men
  • 0.3% American Indian/Alaska Native
  • 3.6% Asian
  • 3.8% Black or African American
  • 5.9% Hispanic
  • 78.8% White
  • 2.3% two or more races
  • 5.3% race/ethnicity unknown
  • 27% First Generation
  • 23% business
  • 27% science (STEM)
  • 9% education
  • 25% liberal arts
  • 15% undeclared
  • 3.32 average GPA (on a 4.0 scale), Middle 50%: 3.10-3.56
  • Middle 50% rank in class – 12%-40%
  • 69% completed at least 1 AP course
  • 34% completed 3 or more AP courses
  • 58% took part in community service or volunteer work
  • 69% participated in varsity athletics
  • 31% of varsity athletes served as team captains
  • 45% participated in an academic club
  • 34% performed in dance, music and/or drama
  • 57% worked a part-time job

More Information

  • Your Admission Counselor

    If you have any questions about our admission standards and the criteria we use to evaluate applications, we encourage you to contact your Stonehill admission counselor.

  • Application Process

    Stonehill College uses the Common Application to collect all first-year applications. Learn more about the application process for first-year students.

  • Application Plans & Deadlines

    Stonehill College offers multiple application plans for first-year students who intend to enroll in the fall semester. We encourage you to select the application plan that best suits you.

Contact Information

May Hall – 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357

The Office of Undergraduate Admission assists students and families as they learn more about Stonehill and navigate the college application process.