Deadlines & Decision Notifications

Application Plan Application Deadline Decision Notification Binding?
Early Action November 1 Early January No
Early Decision* December 1 Late December Yes*
Early Action II January 1 Late February/Early March No
Early Decision II* February 1 Late February Yes*
Regular Decision February 15 Mid-March No

*Note: As stated in the Common Application's Early Decision Agreement, if you choose to apply to Stonehill as an Early Decision or Early Decision II applicant and you are admitted, you must enroll at the College.

Choosing Your Application Plan

The sooner you complete and submit your application for admission, the sooner you will hear back from us with a decision on your candidacy. Students who are ready to do so may consider applying under our Early Action plan, which has a deadline of November 1. If you submit your application as an Early Action candidate, you can expect to receive an admission and merit scholarship decision from us in early January. If you apply for need-based financial aid as an Early Action admission candidate, you should receive your financial aid package by early February. (Please see Merit Award & Financial Aid Notifications below for more information.)

Typically, students who feel that Stonehill is one of their top choices will apply for admission under our Early Action plan. For some students, however, the choice is even more clear. If Stonehill has emerged as your first-choice college destination, you may wish to consider applying under our Early Decision plan. Early Decision is a binding application option, which means that if you choose to apply to Stonehill as an Early Decision candidate and you are admitted, you must enroll. Early Decision is a popular option for student-athletes who are being recruited by one of our NCAA Division I varsity athletics programs.

If you are concerned about your academic performance in high school but have established an upward trend in your grades and writing skills, you might consider applying as an Early Action II or Regular Decision candidate. With deadlines of January 15 and February 15, respectively, these application plans afford you the opportunity to include grades from your first semester/trimester of senior year, which we will consider carefully in our evaluation of your application for admission. You will also have more time to complete your application and Stonehill essay, while still receiving full consideration for admission and merit scholarships.

Learn more about our standards for admission.

Merit Award & Financial Aid Notifications

First-year applicants who are awarded a merit scholarship along with their offer of admission will receive notification of that award alongside their admission decision. Details of need-based financial aid packages will be provided according to the timelines below. Please note that applying for need-based financial aid is a separate process that requires the filing of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Learn more about applying for need-based financial aid.

Application Plan Merit Award Notification Financial Aid Notification
Early Action Early January Early February
Early Decision Late December Late December
Early Action II Late February/Early March Mid-March
Early Decision II Late February Late February
Regular Decision Mid-March Late March

Additional Details

In addition to submitting your Common Application, you will be required to submit supporting documentation such as your official high school transcript, at least one teacher evaluation, and the Common Application’s secondary school report. These supporting documents are typically submitted by your high school through the Common Application’s interface for school officials. After you apply, you will receive access to your Stonehill applicant portal account, which will include a checklist and status for all required supporting documentation. The specific documentation required of you will depend on the application plan you select, but please know that no matter the application plan, supporting materials, as well as financial aid applications, may be submitted in the days following the application deadline. Please note that, per College policy, information and materials submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admission cannot be returned to students.

Learn more about supporting documentation.

Students who apply as Early Action candidates may be deferred to the Regular Decision application plan by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. This is most likely to happen if we feel that we need to see additional academic progression before making our final decision. If you receive a defer decision, you must complete the deferral response form that arrives with your decision letter in order to receive further consideration alongside the Regular Decision applicant pool. In addition to completing the deferral response form, you will need to have your high school counseling office submit your first semester/trimester grades as soon as they become available.

While it is rare for first-year students to begin their Stonehill career in the spring semester, we do offer a Regular Decision application deadline of November 1 for January enrollment. If you are considering applying as a first-year student and enrolling in the spring semester, we encourage you to contact your Stonehill admission counselor first to discuss the options available to you.

More Information

  • Your Admission Counselor

    If you have any questions about our application plans, the various benefits they offer, and what might be the right choice for you, we encourage you to contact your Stonehill admission counselor.

  • Application Process

    Stonehill College uses the Common Application to collect all first-year applications. Learn more about the application process for first-year students.

  • Admission Standards

    We are committed to putting your individual record into the proper context as we aspire to build and maintain an honest, just and compassionate community.

Contact Information

May Hall – 320 Washington Street, Easton, MA 02357

The Office of Undergraduate Admission assists students and families as they learn more about Stonehill and navigate the college application process.