Become a Mentor

You can give back to the Stonehill community and ensure that students have the same guidance you had as an undergraduate. The Career Mentor Database provides students and alumni with access to graduates who are eager and willing to share their experiences and expertise with the Stonehill community.

How much time you give, and in what form, is entirely up to you. You can help review résumés, provide job-shadowing opportunities or participate in informational interviews. This database is not intended as a job search tool, but some internships and job opportunities will arise from your encounters.

Join our Partners Program

If you are an employer looking to recruit the best that Stonehill has to offer, you can consider becoming a Stonehill Partner. The Stonehill Partners Program matches our top employers with students who have gone above and beyond to distinguish themselves as top candidates.

You can provide us with a job description(s) as well as the student population to which you would like your job advertised. From there, your position(s) will be posted to our Handshake website and advertised to students. In order to recruit students, you will need to follow the Employer Recruiting Policies.

You can also set up dates to interview students on campus as well as attend our Job & Internship Expo, held every February. 

Hire Interns

Internships provide valuable educational experiences, as they facilitate student learning outside the classroom. Interns have the opportunity to more fully appreciate the connections between theory and practice, to adapt to a culture outside the college environment, and to gain exposure to potential career choices.

Students are strongly encouraged to pursue internships in their related fields, some of whom will seek credit for the internships.

Internships are completed during the fall or spring semester or during the summer. Students can also participate in co-ops if their schedules allow. You can post jobs and internship opportunities using Handshake

Give to Stonehill

Gifts from alumni, parents and friends create a pool of readily available funds that provide our students with scholarships, community service opportunities, co-curricular programs and top-notch campus facilities. By making a gift, you ensure that all Stonehill students have the opportunity to succeed and continue the tradition of educational excellence established by those before them.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways to volunteer and stay involved with Stonehill after graduation. You can join the Alumni Council or an Alumni Council Committee. You can also volunteer to speak to a Stonehill class or at a conference like Think. Act. Lead. Your energy and contributions are much appreciated.