Alumni Council

The Alumni Council, a 42-member volunteer group composed of both elected and appointed members, strives to represent the views and interests of the entire alumni body through the work of its committees and programming efforts. The Council ensures that there is clear communication between alumni and the College, and encourages alumni participation in all aspects of the college community.


A weekend in late spring is reserved each year to honor every fifth year anniversary class. Members of these classes are invited to return to campus to enjoy this festive weekend. There is always an excellent turnout for Reunion, as it is a great opportunity to reminisce, rekindle old friendships and relive Stonehill memories.

Alumni Day

Beginning in February 2013 the College has hosted a winter Alumni Day. This event highlights the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games, family friendly events, including a winter carnival, and other special interest activities.

Alumni Travel Program

The Alumni Travel Program offers group travel opportunities with an educational component designed specifically for Stonehill alumni, their families and friends. Selected destinations capitalize on the specialty of a Stonehill faculty member, providing a truly unique travel experience!

Pillar Society

In 2002, The Pillar Society, Stonehill College’s “50-year club” was established for those who graduated more than a half-century ago. The name reflects the prominence of the pillars that distinguish Donahue Hall and the Class of 1952’s position as the pillar on which much of Stonehill tradition rests.

Regional Receptions

In an attempt to reach our alumni who reside at a distance from campus, Regional Receptions are planned throughout the year. These receptions provide an opportunity for alumni to come together in a welcoming setting and learn about recent Stonehill news. At least two receptions per year are planned for both New York, NY and Washington, D.C. area alumni. At least two receptions per year are planned for both New York, NY and Washington, D.C. area alumni.

Student-Alumni Association

The Stonehill Student-Alumni Association (SAA) was founded by the Alumni Office in 1992 to serve as a link between the Stonehill community and alumni. The organization keeps alumni in touch with campus life and works to make present students aware of their future roles as alumni.

Contact Information

Merkert-Tracy Building – 305

The Office of Alumni Engagement serves Stonehill College alumni through Stonehill Connect, an online community for alumni. Alumni Engagement also runs the Alumni Travel Program, Stonehill College reunions and Alumni Day.