Program Overview

It is intended that successful completion of the Secondary Education program will lead to initial licensure from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to teach students in one or more of the following subject areas:

  • Biology (Grades 8 – 12)
  • Chemistry (Grades 8 – 12)
  • English (Grades 8 – 12)
  • French (Grades 5 – 12)
  • History (Grades 8 – 12)
  • Mathematics (Grades 8 – 12)
  • Spanish (Grades 5 – 12)

Double Major Provides Distinct Advantage to You and Your Future Students

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that all candidates for licensure declare a general liberal arts major in addition to completing an education studies program; however, students in the Secondary Education program at Stonehill are required to take a complete course of study in a liberal arts/science major complementary to the subject in which they hope to become licensed.

Stonehill’s requirement provides important advantages to all future secondary education teachers. Completion of a second major deeply enriches their studies, allowing them to provide focused and knowledgeable instruction on particular subject areas in their own classrooms someday.


Education majors desiring teacher licensure must also complete a major from the following list:

Featured Secondary Education Courses

The Inclusive Secondary Classroom

This course is a review of the legal requirements, assessment responsibilities and the instructional methods used for supporting students with special needs in secondary classrooms. There is a strong emphasis on collaboration and universal design to include all students as well as differentiation to meet individual needs. Field Work is required of all students enrolled in this course. Students are placed in general education and resource classrooms to observe and assist.

Assessment and Analysis in Education

This course is a systematic and comprehensive exploration that introduces the prospective teacher to the elements of measurement and elements of evaluation essential to good teaching. Course content also examines statistical reasoning as it applies to educational research and practice.

Content Specific Pedagogy

Knowledge for teaching is both generalizable and specific. All teachers must have an understanding of pedagogy more generally, understanding theories of: learning, development, classroom management, assessment, and curriculum design. But teachers also need pedagogical knowledge that is content specific.  This course will provide pre-service secondary education teachers an opportunity to explore pedagogical approaches particular to their discipline and to examine the pedagogical decisions that content teachers must make as they design, deliver and reflect upon effective lessons.

Challenging Students, Creating Compassionate Educators

Degree candidates’ educational experiences are further enhanced by student teaching placements and practicum experiences, which take place in a number of settings, from urban to suburban, public to private.

These placements help fulfill Stonehill’s promise to educate the whole person. Through exposure to settings outside their comfort zone, students’ worldview is broadened, molding them into compassionate educators with an understanding of wide-ranging social issues affecting classrooms today.

Career Development Resources for Students

The Stonehill Career Development Center (CDC) offers extensive assistance to students seeking employment, pursuing advanced studies or participating in postgraduate service opportunities. By working with our mentors, students are empowered to build lifelong career management skills.

Education Studies Specific Career Resources

  • Education Mock Interview Week – Alumni in administrative positions in school districts prepare students for job interviews.
  • Externships and internships in New York; Washington, D.C.; and Los Angeles (weeklong and semesterlong programs) give students critical field experiences.
  • CDC staff members regularly work with Education Department faculty to present programs on preparing for teaching jobs from resume and cover letters to interviewing.

Research Opportunities

Students who have completed their first year at Stonehill have opportunities to perform significant, publishable, full-time research under the guidance of and in collaboration with an experienced faculty researcher.

Stonehill Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

SURE is an opportunity for students who have completed their first year at Stonehill to perform full-time, high-quality research over the summer under the guidance of an expert faculty researcher. The experience includes weekly lunches, postgraduate career seminars, program-wide outings and a student poster session in the fall.

Recent Projects

  • Briana Burke '13 with Eunmi Yang, assistant professor of Education: “Investigating impacts of community based learning on preservice teachers’ perceptions of teaching STEM subjects and working with diverse group of students.” (Summer 2012)

Earn Your Master's in Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education Master’s Degree Program prepares students to deliver evidence-based instruction and intervention for individuals with disabilities in Pre-K to 8 settings. Stonehill education students can complete a traditional four-year undergraduate program and contact the Office of Graduate Admission in their junior year for information about enrolling full-time on campus or in the Stonehill Teacher Residency Program to earn a Master of Education.

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