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Stonehill's Finance major emphasizes both theory and practice with a global perspective so our students are best prepared for a challenging and ever-changing world.


Shattering the Glass Ceiling in Finance

Statistics show fewer than 17 percent of senior leaders in investment banking are women. A new alumnae mentoring program hopes to change that.

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Bloomberg Ranks Stonehill’s Business Program Among Best in U.S.

Stonehill College’s business program was recently named one of the best in the United States by Bloomberg, which surveyed nearly 30,000 students and 600 companies to determine the best undergraduate business schools of 2016.

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A Head Start in the World of Finance

The Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative allows students to manage an actual investment fund, honing their analytical and critical thinking skills while gaining experience that gives them a competitive edge.

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There are finance textbooks that define the subject of finance as an area of study that deals with the acquisition, allocation and management of funds. But in reality, finance is so much more. Simply put, finance is about problem solving. It is dynamic, challenging and extremely interesting.

Finance major students have the opportunity to develop a broad base of skills and knowledge that will be extremely valuable no matter what direction life takes you. This program in particular leverages the underpinnings of a Stonehill College liberal arts education — the development of analytical reasoning, good verbal and written communication skills and a broad awareness of the world around us.

For those students with atten­tion to detail, the ability to react to a changing environment and have solid quantita­tive skills, majoring in finance can be a very rewarding education.

Finance majors can choose a curriculum that broadly surveys the field or one that focuses on specific areas of interest such as:

  • Global Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Banking and Financial Institutions

Importantly, the curriculum provides plenty of flexibility for students to pursue a wide range of academic and post graduate opportunities.

Inside the Classroom

Finance majors get the opportunity for hands-on application very early in their education. Students will quickly discover that the Stonehill College Finance Program builds on the core courses offered in the Business Administra­tion Department. In particular, it leverages the principles of accounting, statistics, quantitative methods and the basic knowledge of economic systems, all taken during a student’s first two years.

The Finance Program emphasizes the develop­ment of analytical, conceptual and problem-solving abilities through a variety of teaching methods including lectures, classroom discus­sions, case analyses and presentation, problem-solving (including computer-based exercises) and research reports.

Finance majors have plenty of opportunity to discover what interests them. Students can take a general pathway in the discipline, or pur­sue specific interests. Minoring in economics, philosophy, or other subjects in the liberal arts is very common.

Global Corporate Finance

Students pursuing a course of study with an em­phasis on corporate finance focus more on the decision-making process of the firm. Sensitivity to risk management from a global perspective is a key part of this course work.

Students interest­ed in this area have the opportunity early in their college careers to participate in an Intercultural Communications/Corporate Finance Learning Community that offers a mid-semester study trip to China as part of its coursework. At the Univer­sity of International Business and Economics in Beijing, participants hear lectures on such topics as corporate finance, international markets, global money flow systems and the challenges of emerging international corporations.

Outside the classroom, Stonehill’s geographic location within a 30-minute drive to either downtown Boston or the city of Providence offers finance majors numerous internship opportunities with leading international and regional corporations and financial service firms.

Investment Management

Investment Management is another potential area of focus for Finance majors. Students learn about the complexities of the global capital markets, modern portfolio theory and the con­cept of risk management. Emphasis is placed on the role of financial assets in the world economy, valuation metrics and the application of these concepts in a real world, real-time setting.

Dis­cover the intricacies of the investment research process and the ins and outs of portfolio manage­ment. Students interested in careers in investment analysis and portfolio management have typically pursued post-graduate certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and/or Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) designations. Hands-on financial analysis and portfolio management skills are an important aspect of the senior level coursework.

Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative

Stonehill students have a unique opportunity to participate in the Stonehill College Investment Finance Initiative. The finance program is pleased to offer to all eligible students at Stonehill College the opportunity to participate in a unique academic and professional development program in the field of investment finance.

One of the numerous features of the program for student participants includes management of the Mary Herlihy Opportunity Fund, a student-run fund with current assets in excess of $100,000.  That is real money, with real purpose.

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