Data Analytics Benefits Many Majors

With an established minor, a new major and a master's program, students are gaining data analytics skills that provide a competitive edge in almost any field.

Program Overview 

Organizations across all industries are using data to make short- and long-term innovative decisions that help identify new business opportunities, improve quality of life and health, and discover insights about the world around us. In order to make these decisions, organizations in all sectors need college graduates equipped with the skills to prepare, analyze and communicate data. 

The Data Analytics minor provides students with the  computer science, mathematics and analytical skills needed to remain competitive in this data-driven world, giving them a significant advantage in obtaining a career in the public, private or nonprofit sectors. 

A Minor with Flexibility to Complement Your Major 

Through the coursework, students will: 

  • Use data analytics methodologies to solve real-world problems by analyzing massive data sets 
  • Develop an analytical mindset 
  • Become familiar with relational and non-relational databases as well as widely used statistical techniques  

While the minor is open to students of all majors, it will be of special interest to those majoring in business, economics, computer science, biology, neuroscience, healthcare managementcriminology or political science

The skills I leveraged through this program made me a more data-driven thinker and helped me realize the potential of an exciting career as a data scientist!

SAS Certification

Stonehill has partnered with SAS, the most widely used data analytics platform in the world, and all students in this minor will learn SAS and have the opportunity to earn SAS certification.


Stonehill’s business program is accredited by AACSB International, placing us within an elite group of higher education institutions that make up less than 5% of the world’s business schools. 

Sample Data Analytics Courses

Introduction to Data Analytics

Required Course
This course serves as an introduction to the theory and practice of data analytics. This course exposes students to the range of applications across fields and provides rudimentary coverage of data structures, simple data queries, the types and goals of analytic models and modern visualization. Lecture, exercises, projects and guest speakers.

Database Applications

This course explores the role of information systems in a small business setting. The theory and design of business systems prepare the students for extensive hands-on labs, developing applications using popular software packages.

Introduction to Programming and Computer Science I

Pair of Courses
Introduction to programming is an introduction to computers, programming and problem solving using a modern programming language such as Python, Java or Visual Basic. Computer Science I is an introduction to programming and problem solving using Java. Topics include: Input and Output; Selection; Repetition; Methods; Recursion; Arrays; Classes and Objects.

Recent Internship and Career Placements

Data analytics students have completed related internships and launched careers at a range of notable organizations.

Outside Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

Pair Your Degree With a Master's Degree in Business

The Skyhawk Accelerated Dual Degree allows Stonehill students to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree in as little as four years. Eligible students receive early and expedited admission to their graduate program of interest and can begin working toward a master's degree in marketing or data analytics.

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Michael J. Sale

Michael J. Sale

Associate Professor of Business Administration, Management & Business Analytics Chair, Management Information Systems Program Director, Data Analytics Minor Program Director