Student Leadership Programs

Intercultural Affairs is committed to serving students and encouraging them as leaders equipped to think, act, and lead from a social justice perspective. There are numerous ways for students to interact with our office to become involved as well-equipped leaders on campus and in the world.

Student Leadership Program Opportunities

Advocates for a Brighter Stonehill Leadership Program

Advocates for a Brighter Stonehill (ABS) are current Stonehill students who serve as advocates and resources to underrepresented students as well as students who have an interest in diversity and activism. They serve as "ambassadors" to Intercultural Affairs and are the lead facilitators of the Intercultural Experience Program.

Leadership Through Diversity

Leadership Through Diversity is a program designed for First Year Students who want to be engaged in the development of an inclusive campus community and expand their leadership skills.

SHIFT - Shaping Holistic Individuals for Transcendence

SHIFT is a program that helps bridge the gap between students who are interested in being in a leadership position, but do not know where to begin, by providing them with appropriate set of skills that will later help them apply to prominent leadership positions on Stonehill's campus (e.g. H.O.P.E. Leader, Resident Assistant, ABS Leader, Peer Mentor, etc.).