What is “Inclusive Excellence”?

Inclusive excellence refers to the active and intentional engagement of diversity and of underrepresented viewpoints. As a community, Stonehill demonstrates its commitment to encouraging an environment of diverse people, thoughts, ideas, and teachings. Inclusive excellence calls for us to increase our awareness of others and to work collectively to challenge our way of thinking and doing. Inclusive excellence requires us to teach, listen, and learn.

Inclusive Excellence Grants’ Goals:

We seek proposals for innovative and educational projects, programs, and activities that have the following goals:

  • To create or enhance programs which address the importance of including diverse views, cultures, or methods of teaching and learning;
  • To encourage the participation of all community members in diversity initiatives at the College;
  • To educate ourselves and others in issues of social justice, diversity, intercultural dialogue and communication;
  • To increase learning and support of groups from historically underrepresented groups;
  • To develop sustainable programs that increase awareness of the importance of a diverse community and/ or
  • To increase opportunities for collaborative learning and inclusive excellence.

Award Criteria

Preference is given to programs, activities and opportunities that:

  1. serve as models for replication and sustainability on the Stonehill campus and in the community
  2. demonstrate inter-departmental collaboration and engage a variety of student, faculty, and staff
  3. extend the impact of an already existing program or event at Stonehill


Funding for grants depends on the number of proposals and the available amount each academic year. The funds are split into two pools for Fall and Spring semester. Funds left from the Fall fund will be rolled over to the Spring funds.

Requests may be up to $500. Funds may not be used to self-stipend a Stonehill staff, faculty, administrator or student. Funds may be used to support stipends for outside speakers, materials, rental costs, and services.  Food will be considered, however, only up to 50% of the full grant request. It is required to disclose any additional funding received for your program as Intercultural Affairs will not provide funding above and beyond actual costs. Program planning and individual operation plans will be managed in conjunction with the Office for Intercultural Affairs.

Application Deadlines

Completed applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. However, the proposal must be submitted minimally 14 days in advance of the educational projects, programs, and activities start date. Completed applications are due electronically to diversity@stonehill.edu, and all components must be received in order to begin consideration. Proposals will be reviewed, approved/ denied within 2 weeks of submission by Intercultural Affairs. All projects that receive grant funding must be completed prior to June 30 of the academic year in which the proposal was submitted.