Please submit the following to be considered for the Inclusive Excellence Grants

  • Part I: Basic Information
  • Part II: Goals and Criteria Alignment
  • Part III: Detailed Proposal

Email all three parts of document to All components must be received in order to begin consideration. The proposal must be submitted minimally 60 days in advance of the educational projects, programs, and activities start date. Proposals will be reviewed, approved/ denied within 2 weeks of submission by Intercultural Affairs. However, if additional information is needed, a member of the Intercultural Affairs staff may request to meet with the contacts. All projects that receive grant funding must be completed prior to June 30 of the academic year in which the proposal was submitted.

Part I: Basic Information

  • Title of Proposal, Program, and/ or Initiative:
  • Lead Contact Person & Role on Campus:
  • Name(s) and Contacts of additional project member(s):
  • Proposal Summary (no more than 250 words):

Part II: Goals and Criteria Alignment

Please review the goals and criteria outlined. Indicate how your proposal meets these goals and criteria (no more than 1 page, single spaced).

Part III: Detailed Proposal

Please answer the following questions and number your answers to align with the question below (no more than 2 pages, single spaced).

  1. What are the anticipated outcomes for the proposed project (bullet point format)?
  2. What is your detailed timeline for planning, implementation, and assessment in the Stonehill community? Please include information on:
    • Planning logistics
    • Marketing and outreach
    • Post activity evaluation: How will you measure if outcomes are met?
  3. What is the dollar amount you are requesting? Please indicate how the money will be allocated. Also include any other funding sources you have secured and/or seek to tap. Please note, the grants are intended to be a one-time funding opportunity. If you envision this proposal, program, and/ or initiative reoccurring please detail your plan to seek long-term funding sources.