The Office of Intercultural Affairs contributes to the mission of the College by providing leadership and support in the College’s commitment to diversity. We provide academic, cultural, and personal support to students - including students of color , first-generation college students, international students, and LGBTQ+ students - through developing intellectual, social and leadership skills.

Throughout the year, The Office of Intercultural Affairs , in collaboration with student groups and academic departments, sponsors programs that raise awareness of diversity at Stonehill, in our community, and in our world. We do this by educating around concepts and themes, including but not limited issues impacting racial and ethnic groups; sexual orientation and identity; socioeconomic experiences; disability and ability; immigration; educational status; and much more.

The Office of Intercultural Affairs works closely across all areas of the College to develop and institutionalize a comprehensive approach to an intercultural education and experience.

Resources for Historically Underrepresented Students

  • Students of Color

    Resources and support for students who identify as Black, Latina/o/x/ Hispanic, Asian, Pacific lslander, Native American, bi/multiracial and other non-white racial groups.

  • LGBTQ+ Students & Allies

    Resources for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and other underrepresented sexual orientations and gender identities. Allies may also check out the resources to learn more.

  • First-Generation Students

    A widely recognized formal definition of a first-generation student is any student whose parents did not complete a four-year, bachelor's degree. We realize that any set of circumstances can cause a student to feel as though they identify as first-generation because their support system lacks knowledge of the college experience.

  • DACA and International Students

    According to the ADL website, the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program shields some young undocumented immigrants —who often arrived at a very young age in circumstances beyond their control—from deportation.

Signature Events

Did you know The Office of Intercultural Affairs hosts 60+ programs a year? All are welcome!

  • The Intercultural Experience Program

    The Intercultural Experience Program is a pre-orientation experience for first-year students that provides a mix of social activities and discussion groups to explore identity as well as a mentor to walk with you as you begin your journey.

  • Heritage Programs

    Each month, the Office of Intercultural Affairs celebrates a variety of heritage months and festivities to acknowledge and affirm the diversity at Stonehill College. We welcome any and all members of the community to engage in these celebrations.

  • Book Club

    Each semester, we select a book for participants to share thoughts and talk about the diversity related stories. Individuals read the book independently and we come together for a discussion over lunch.

  • IGNITE: Conference on Diversity and Inclusion

    The IGNITE:  Conference on Diversity and Inclusion is an annual event that seeks to bring together students, faculty, staff, and community members to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion at Stonehill College.

  • DiverCity Festival

    This culmination of dance (traditional and contemporary), fashion, and theatrical performance pulls from the talents of the Stonehill Community. Various aspects of diversity are represented through artistic form as we explore social issues that impact our community today.

  • Unity Graduation Celebration

    At this ceremony, we honor our graduating seniors who identify as coming from Black, Latinx/a/o, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native American and/or Multiracial backgrounds. We celebrate with our graduating seniors who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer.  We recognize the achievements of our First-Generation college students.

Contact Information

Duffy Academic Center – 149

The Office of Intercultural Affairs provides academic, cultural and personal support to students of color and other underrepresented students on campus while helping them develop intellectual, social and leadership skills.