Academic Areas of Study

Stonehill’s Language, Literatures & Cultures Department offers students a broad array of opportunities to explore not only the spoken and written word, but also the art, history and literature of the cultures in which they were produced.


Gender & Sexuality Studies offers an interdisciplinary program informed by relevant theoretical perspectives this program explores gender differences, systems of oppression and more. 


Offices & Services

The Office of Academic Services and Advising is here to assist students during their journey through college. This office encourages students to schedule a meeting with an academic advisor whether you have questions regarding classes to take next semester, deciding what major is right for you, policies, and procedures.

The Career Development team recognizes the individuality and unique needs of each student, graduate, and employer and is committed to flexible and personalized engagements. The team’s approach combines individualized career advising with a wide variety of innovative programs and opportunities that empower student development and self-discovery. The team provides various diversity resources and websites that are useful for your internship/job search.

Diversity and Inclusion Networking Group (DINE)

An opportunity after the Career Services Internship and Job Expos that provides employers with diversity related initiatives to meet our ALANA and LGBT students. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Patrick McKeon at if you are an employer and would like to be invited!

Counseling, Health & Wellness provides confidential individual or group counseling and works to help students resolve issues, support them; teach skills to address perceived problems and more.

Health Services provides confidential, quality & accessible healthcare for Stonehill students.

The Office of International Programs connects students with study abroad, internship, research, and service learning programs all over the world. These high impact experiential learning experiences facilitate intercultural dialogue and expand international awareness, challenging students to take authorship of their personal and intellectual growth within a global context. Through intentional mentor-ship, students learn to apply their academic pursuits, co-curricular interests, and career goals to their international experience, inspiring a commitment to lifelong global learning.

Check out the LibGuides to help identify resources with informational on African, Latinx/a/o, Asian, Native American, Pacific Islander, and bi/multicultural topics, issues, literature and local resources and support. Learn more about the LIbrary.

The Office of Student Financial Assistance works closely with students and families to answer questions and offer solutions to make the investment in your future affordable.


A peer-led group for any students who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning. Unlike a gay/straight alliance (GSA), this group is intended for students who self-identify as LGBTQ to get together, discuss their experiences here at Stonehill, and find a network of support and solidarity.

The working mission of this network is to support faculty and staff at Stonehill College who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, asexual, pansexual, gender non-conforming, and other minoritized sexual and gender identities (LGBTQ+). If you are interested in becoming part of this network or learning about opportunities for connection, please contact us at

This is a working list of LGBTQ+ faculty and staff for whom community members can reach out for support and community. Faculty and staff who wish to be listed, please submit this form. 

The Task Force on LGBTQ+ Climate, Programming & Education is an ad-hoc committee of faculty, staff, and students at Stonehill College charged with exploring climate issues that impact LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff on campus and identifying educational approaches to address bias incidents, hate crimes, and other concerning events or incidents that negatively impact LGBTQ+ community members. To inquire about this committee and how to be more involved, please contact us at

Did you know that there are staff and faculty at Stonehill College who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community? Whether you need a little guidance or just want to talk to someone about your experience, the faculty and staff members on this list will be eager to meet you.

Faculty and staff who are interested in being listed should visit the “Additional On-Campus Resources” page.

Name: Andrew Leahy ‘05
Title: Associate Director of Career Development
Department: Career Development Center
Office Location: Kruse Center, Cushing-Martin Hall
Identifies As: Cisgender male who identifies as gay
Additional Info: I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes from Stonehill. I attended Stonehill, and graduated in 2005, studying biology. I worked in the Office of Admission for five years, then transitioned to Career Development and have enjoyed being able to work with students of all four years. I currently live in Quincy with my boyfriend.
 Simply, you are not alone. The journey of self-identity is a personal one, and done at one's own pace. There is no rule book. Ask questions and have discussions - when you are ready.

Name: Katie Shannon
Title: Adjunct Professor of Communication
Department: Digital Media Production, Communication Department
Office Location: Duffy 234
Identifies As: Lesbian
Additional Info: Educational background includes being affiliated with Stonehill College and Emerson College.

Name: Anand Sitaram
Title: Faculty
Department: Biology
Office Location: Shields Science Center 342
Identifies As: Cisgender male who identifies as gay
Additional Info: I am originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, but I've also lived in Philadelphia, Sand Diego, and Worcester before coming to Stonehill in the Fall of 2019.
 Finding someone you can talk to about issues you are struggling with can literally be a lifesaver.  Please make the effort!

Alumni of Color Group

A network of graduates committed to increasing and supporting diversity at Stonehill. The group serves as mentors for recent graduates, current students of color, and incoming or prospective students. The group meets once a semester to socialize, network, and to create a cohesive community of alumni of color.  For more information, please contact

Faculty of Color Association

The Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) is an empowerment, support and advocacy group composed of volunteer, self-identifying faculty members of color. It aims to provide a safe and protective space for faculty of color to be heard, understood and supported. It advocates for the equitable treatment and optimal career development of faculty of color at Stonehill College. For more information, please contact 

The Institutional Diversity Action Committee

Led by the President, the Institutional Diversity Action Committee (IDAC) is charged with prioritizing and monitoring the implementation and progress of the recommendations and plans set forth to enhance and demonstrate the College’s commitment to diversity, specifically related to ethnically and racially underrepresented groups. The IDAC provides coordinated, consistent and cohesive leadership for the College to assess and achieve institutional diversity goals.  By promoting shared vision, responsibility, and accountability, the IDAC will engage faculty, staff, and students in action to create an inclusive community.

The Moore Center for Gender Equity

The Moore Center for Gender Equity creates a welcoming space for every student to engage and discuss gender issues and the sociopolitical influences on our construct of gender. The Center provides opportunities for students to look at societal issues through programming and pays special attention to the way gender identities intertwine with other identities.

Provost's Advisory Committee on Diversity

The Provost's Advisory Committee on Diversity (PACD) was formed in 2012 as a response, in part, to student calls for greater attention to questions of diversity and inclusion in the classroom.  The committee seeks to improve classroom climate across campus, increase the curriculum's engagement with the experiences and issues of underrepresented populations, and to build a more diverse faculty.

SGA Diversity Committee

The purpose of the Student Government Association is to join with the faculty, staff and administration of the College in order to enhance the Stonehill Community. The SGA membership shall represent the views of the student body to the faculty and administration of the College, while maintaining a channel of communication between these groups. The SGA Diversity Committee specifically is responsible for providing quality, safe, and culturally diverse programming to the Stonehill community.