Inclusive Restroom Facilities

The need for accessible, inclusive bathroom facilities is addressed on the Stonehill campus through single user bathrooms.

Who would be interested in a single-stall restroom open to everyone?

  • Members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Cisgender* men or women. “Cisgender” is defined as denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender corresponds with their birth sex.
  • Parents with young children
  • Individuals with disabilities and caregivers
  • And many more!

List of Single User Restrooms:

Locations: updated as of February 2017. If you are aware of any additional restrooms on campus that are single user, please email

  • Student Union – by 105 (open access)
  • Notre Dame du Lac – Lobby area (limited access)
  • Villa Theresa – main lobby area near lounge (limited access)
  • Corr Hall – Main lobby 1st and 2nd floors (limited access)
  • Merkert College Center – downstairs by gymnasium (open access)
  • New Hall – 1st floor lobby area & 4th floor near Chapel (limited access)
  • Duffy – 2nd floor inside the Math Lab 208 (open access)
  • Duffy – 1st floor across from Registrar’s Office (open access)
  • Donahue Hall- 1st floor across (open access)
  • Donahue – 3rd floor (2)
  • Commons- 2nd Floor by Cleary Dining Room (open access)
  • Notre Dame du Lac- One restroom on each floor next to the laundry rooms (limited access)
  • Sports Complex- 2nd floor entrance to the varsity weight room  (open access)

Clarification on types of restrooms:

  • Limited access = located in an area that one needs card access or during work hours only
  • Open access = do not need card access, however may be restricted to when building is open

Campus Map of Buildings 

Educational Resources 

  1. Massachusetts Gender Identity Guidance for Public Accommodations
  2. Heartland Trans* Wellness Group: Gender Neutral Bathrooms 
  3. Refuge Restrooms