Step Up, Speak Out: Responding to Everyday Bias Workshop

This training session is designed to give community members knowledge, skills, and awareness to become pro-social bystanders in the Stonehill Community and beyond. 

Participants will: 

  • Learn about different types of bystanders and their actions. 
  • Better understand our Stonehill community expectations about bystander intervention.  
  • Develop a common language around microaggressions, bias incidents, and hate crimes. 
  • Learn techniques to become a pro-social bystander. 
  • Learn more about campus resources to support bystander intervention

Sessions are offered separately for students and faculty/staff. Check out the "Workshops and Trainings" tab to see what sessions are currently scheduled. To request a training please email Please note the length of training is a minimum of 1 hour and 15 minutes. 


What participants say about the training:

"Very helpful, presented very well, the case studies were especially helpful because they are realistic scenarios and I learned a lot from my peers’ response and ideas."

"Thank you for discussing miccroaggression as a serious topic. They are often overlooked but very important to talk about." 

"This is a topic I am passionate about, but sometimes even I feel bored by these sort of trainings. I didn’t feel that way at all very engaging." 

"Overall, this was well planned and informed training. It is important to understand the differences between microaggression, bias incident and hate crime. The technique handout is extremely helpful."

"Proud to go to a school that encourages us to be comfortable in our discomfort."