Inclusive Language Campaign

Brought to you by the Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team (BIPRT) in collaboration with the inHouse Design club

Adapted from the University of Maryland’s Inclusive Language Campaign, the Stonehill campaign aims to bring awareness to the power of language in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members of our campus community. The ILC promotes the thoughtful reflection of the power of words and their impact. Additionally, the ILC hopes to encourage dialogue and discussion to deepen our understanding of hurtful language that undermines the mission of the College. Together, we can create a more inclusive community. For more information on the Bias Incident Prevention and Response Team (BIPRT) please click here.

You will see the ILC posters around campus. They are also accessible online below. We welcome individuals to print out these copies and post them within their work and living space. As this is an evolving campaign, we welcome recommendations for additional poster content. 

Inclusive Language Posters  Click to Download!