Policies and Procedures

New Hires

  • All new employees must be hired through the Human Resources Department. Once the appropriate Human Resource forms are complete, an Action Form is completed and submitted to the Payroll Office. No employee will be paid without a signed Action Form by Human Resources. 

Employee Changes

  • All changes to an employee’s position, salary, or status must be initiated in the Human Resources Department.  

Payroll Cycles

  • All employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle. See the Payroll Schedule page for a full description of the pay cycles. 

Due Dates

  • All requests for changes to payroll must reach the payroll office by Friday of the week  preceding the payroll date unless otherwise specified (i.e. if the payroll date is July 13th, changes must reach the payroll office by Friday, July 6th).  Note: Due dates for holidays will be announced by a community wide email.

  • See the annual fiscal year end memo for due dates related to year-end changes. 

  • Stipends must be signed by the appropriate department head and/or division head and be approved by the Budget office before they are sent to the Payroll Office.

  • Stipends are issued in the next closest payroll period after the date of receipt. 

Direct Deposit

  • All employees are paid by Direct Deposit. When you fill out the paperwork please provide a copy of one of your checks for verification of the Account number and ABA number. If that is not possible please be very careful when you fill in the ABA number and your account number on the Direct Deposit form.

Direct Deposit Form