The Cashier's Office strives to provide high quality and efficient cashier services to students, employees, and all Stonehill College's departments. The team is responsible for promptly and accurately processing cash receipts to student accounts and departmental budgets. We strive for professional and helpful interactions with in the college community on all cash receipts and petty cash transactions.

The Controller's Office has new options to set up your event in order to accept electronic payments through Marketplace or Mobile Pay.

How to set up Marketplace?

To set up Marketplace is very EASY.  Below are few quick steps for your reference. Please allow 5-7 business days for the request to be completed. 

  • Gather your event/item information (such as date, location, amount, Fund/Acct, etc)
  • Request uStore by submitting the Marketplace Request Form
  • Controller's Office creates the uStore and notifies you for review
  • uStore go live and ready to collect payments
  • Review your Marketplace reports and Budget Query in myHill to confirm your transaction deposits


How to request for Mobile Pay?

Department Cash Service Team

Ran T. Alix-Garth

Director of Accounting Services
Controller's Office

Mary L. Garland

Accounts Payable Supervisor
Controller's Office

Cathy A. Jones

Executive Assistant
Student Affairs