The Payroll team works diligently to provide Stonehill College employees with an accurate and timely disbursement of salaries on a bi-weekly basis by complying with the guidelines, policies and procedures of the college, the State and the Federal Government. Our focus is to provide quality, courteous, and prompt customer service and support to the college community, and it is our responsibility to exercise discretion and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Federal Withholding Certificate (W-4)

An employee completes this form so that the College can withhold the correct federal income tax from each pay.  All new and/or change to the W-4 form must be done electronically on the Employment Profile through myHill.


Massachusetts Withholding Certificate (M-4)

Similar to above, this form allows the employee to denote the withholding for Massachusetts state tax.  All new and/or change to the M-4 form must be done electronically on the Employment Profile through myHill.

Direct Deposit (Online)

An employee can add or change direct deposit banking information through the Employment Profile through myHill.


Due Dates

  • All employees are paid on a bi-weekly pay cycle. Please refer to the Payroll Schedule on myHill for a full description of the pay cycles.
  • All requests for changes to payroll must reach the payroll office by Friday of the week  preceding the payroll date unless otherwise specified (i.e. if the payroll date is July 13th, changes must reach the payroll office by Friday, July 6th).  Note: Due dates for holidays will be announced by a community wide email.

  • Stipends must be signed by the appropriate department head and/or division head and be approved by the Budget office before they are sent to the Payroll Office.  Stipend schedule are emailed on a monthly basis.

  • See the annual fiscal year end memo for due dates related to year-end changes.

How do I receive my pay statement?

You will receive an email that contains a password protected attachment for every pay day. The attachment is your pay statement.

What should I do if I received the emailed pay statement and no money is deposited into my bank account?

Contact the payroll office. This will only happen if there is a problem with your bank account information. NEVER close a direct deposit bank account without changing your banking information with the Payroll Office.

How do I receive my pay statment?

You can see your pay statement information on Employee Profile from myHill.

When are W2s issued?

W2s are issued by January 31 or earlier of the following calendar year.

Marianne P. Ferrarini

Payroll Supervisor
Controller's Office