Petty Cash Reimbursement

The College maintains a petty cash fund in the Controller’s Office for use by all departments to improve the efficiency of departmental operations. These funds are available to purchase minor college business or activities related items when it would be otherwise impractical to purchase items through the usual purchasing methods.

Students, Staff and Faculty are allowed to be reimbursed through petty cash for purchases no greater than $200.  You can either request in an Advance or receive a Reimbursement for money you spent.

Petty Cash funds should be used only to pay small or minor departmental expenses. The fund should NEVER be used for:

  1. Business/Sports Activity Travel Advances
  2. Payment to individuals for taxable services
  3. Recurring expenses (should be handled through Accounts Payable or Pro-card)
  4. Personal loans or cashing of checks
  5. Change funds

Steps to request Petty Cash:

  1. Complete Petty Cash Request Form
  2. Approved by your budget approver
  3. Receipts documentation for the Petty Cash
    1. Advance: If you have requested an Advance, you will need to bring your receipt to reconcile the amount that was requested.  When the Advance is reconciled, receipts are matched to the advance amount, at which point the following may occur:
      1. The amount per the receipt(s) is more than the advance. In this situation, the amount on the form will be adjusted and the balance paid to the customer from petty cash.
      2. The amount per the receipt(s) is less than the advance. In this situation, the customer pays the difference back to petty cash.
    2. Reimbursement: If you have already paid the expenses out of pocket, please bring the receipts to support the amount and we will reimburse you for the amount spent.