Travel/Cash Advance

Cash advances are for travel-related expenditures, sports team event and miscellaneous expenses for special event/programs. Cash advances should be requested only when all other methods for obtaining goods/services have been exhausted and should be kept at a minimum level.

Advances must be based on a reasonable estimate of the anticipated expenses, and must be drawn within a reasonable period of time before the expenses are likely to be incurred.  The Advance payment can be requested in cash or check/ACH.  All requests should be submitted to the Accounts Payable Department of the Controller's Office within 10 days prior to the travel and/or event date.  

Steps to request Travel/Cash Advance:

  • Complete the top section of the Cash/Travel Advance Form
  • Obtain approval from your Budget Approver
  • Submit the form to the Accounts Payable Dept
  • AP will notify you once the cash/check is ready for pick up

Reconcile Travel/Cash Advance:

A Travel Reconciliation Form with receipts is due to the Controller’s Office within 15 days of the Advance. Any excess cash must be returned to the Cashier’s Office within 3 days of return from the trip.  At no time will any individual be issued a cash advance if he/she has an unreconciled advance still pending.

  • Complete the bottom section of the Cash/Travel Advance Form
  • Attach all receipts and supporting documents for the Advance
  • Any unspent cash must be returned to the Controller's Office and any overspent expenses can be reimbursed through the Employee Expense Reimbursement process.