Visual & Performing Arts Department

The Stonehill College Visual & Performing Arts Department trains the makers and performers who understand more than their craft, the thinkers who can apply their knowledge to a diversity of subjects and the administrators who understand problems from a multitude of perspectives. Be one of the artists, scholars or administrators that make our contemporary world vital.


The Arts Take Center Stage

More musicals and professional development are at the heart of a reimagined Visual & Performing Arts program that enhances both intellectual flexibility and the experiences students need to thrive in their pursuits.


Stonehill students give gift of music, memory to Alzheimer’s patients

When Emily Damore ’19 of Abington, Massachusetts decided to volunteer at the Life Care Centers of America’s (LCCA) Soundtrack of Life program, she knew it would be a good experience for her resume. What she didn’t realize is that it would change her appreciation for music and her outlook on life…


Stonehill Students Grow Skillset While Performing Hit Musical “Little Shop of Horrors” November 15-18

Stonehill Theatre Company continues to challenge students to grow as performers with increase in musical theater productions like “Little Shop of Horrors.”

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How To Wake Up

To highlight the struggle many of us have with personal issues and tensions, the Visual & Performing Arts Department asked members of the Stonehill community to share their fears and vulnerabilities, exploring what makes individuals feel safe, strong or scared.

The Science and Soul of Art

From making paint with kitchen ingredients to creating an authentic fresco on-site at a villa in Italy, Stonehill immerses students in a multifaceted exploration of art.

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Designed for Success

From publishing and advertising to screen-based design, Stonehill’s graphic design students graduate with a distinct advantage thanks to extensive internships, a professional design studio on campus and professors with deep roots in the field.

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By stressing this integrated approach to learning in the arts, the Visual & Performing Arts Department is unique among undergraduate programs in that it mirrors the contemporary professional world, where graduates will find a culture of professional diversity and disciplinary overlap. Students will prepare for a life in which those who have the depth of experience and training are able to navigate between traditional roles and solve problems, all while passionately pursuing their dreams.

Gaining Appreciation Through Perspective

In all of our courses, students gain an appreciation for the modes through which artists have addressed essential aspects of the human condition in various cultures and during different historical periods.

We offer a curriculum that combines rigorous academics with experiential learning, allowing our students to explore their own creative potential with hands-on study of specific techniques.

The Visual & Performing Arts Department offers three majors:

  • Arts & Visual Culture, B.A.
    • Arts Administration Concentration
    • Studio Arts Concentration
    • Visual Studies Concentration
  • Graphic Design, B.A.
  • Performing Arts, B.A.
    • Dance Concentration
    • Music Concentration
    • Theatre Concentration
    • Cross-disciplinary Concentration

Art as Social Catalyst

The Department of  Visual & Performing Arts expands the definition and activities of traditional arts to include art as a form of outreach and as a social catalyst, where students are engaged in social service and mentoring in local communities. 

Such outreach and mentoring work is a reflection of Stonehill College's Congregation of Holy Cross values, which call on us to serve the communities in which we live, learn and work.

This is seen in programs such as Stonehill’s Arts Outreach, which pairs middle school-age students with Stonehill mentors to explore topics in studio arts, dance or the performing arts. The program has been serving local youth for more than a decade and continues to grow in scope and effectiveness.

Similarly, InHouse Design, our student-run graphic design service, regularly does work for nonprofit groups and Community-Based Learning programs.

A Supportive Environment where Deep Bonds are Formed

As might be expected, our Visual & Performing Arts faculty comprises working artists, musicians, historians and graphic designers, all of whom are deeply committed to the kind of mentoring and guidance that allows students to find success both in the classroom and in careers.

In addition, students will find that Cushing-Martin Hall, which houses many of our studios and classrooms, fosters the creation of close-knit artistic communities, mainly because Visual & Performing Arts students typically work there on projects during the evening hours, forging strong bonds of friendship and sharing ideas and observations.