Sociology Program

The Sociology program at Stonehill College considers the relationship between micro contexts such as individuals and small groups, and larger institutions such as education, politics, religion, media and the family.


Agents of Social Change

A deeper understanding of how societies work empowers Stonehill sociology and criminology graduates to pursue a wide array of careers through which they can make a difference.


From Knowing to Doing

As part of her semester abroad researching human rights issues, Molly Hellman ’16 recently visited the largest refugee camp in the Middle East, Zaatari, a sprawling informal city in Jordan that is home to more than 80,000 Syrians, half of them children, displaced by war.

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O'Brien and Penkala Named Top Graduates in Sociology for 2015

In recognition of outstanding academic achievement, Kayla O’Brien ’15 and Breanne Penkala ’15 have been named a Top Graduates in Sociology by the Stonehill College Sociology & Criminology Department.

Students in the Sociology program will critically analyze relationships between individuals, groups, cultures and social institutions. Such analyses provide our students methodological, theoretical and experiential tools to understand human experiences, the roots of inequalities, and pathways toward justice in the U.S. and throughout the world. 

The program prepares students for engaged citizenship and careers. Our graduates work and have continued their education in fields such as education, criminal justice, law, health, social work, human services and related areas. 

“My experience with the sociology program at Stonehill has been life changing. A lot of that has to do with the faculty in this department who do an incredible job mentoring students, recognizing their potential, and guiding them to pursue certain activities that will fulfill that potential.”
Kelli A. Brodbeck ’14, who is currently researching the construction of a professional identity among campus police

Recent Student of the Year Award Winners

  • 2019: Emma Patten and Lauren Wallace 
  • 2018: Madison McGlone and Melissa Parker 
  • 2017: Melissa Mardo and Marla Aboujaoudi 
  • 2016: Hannah Krueger 
  • 2015: Kayla O’Brien and Breanne Penkala 
  • 2014: Kelli Brodbeck and Laura Dzgoeva 

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