Internship Opportunities

Places where Stonehill Sociology & Criminology Department students have recently interned include:

  • Brockton District Court, Office of Probation 
  • Brockton Early Childhood Intervention 
  • Brockton Hospital 
  • Brockton Police Department 
  • Clean Harbors 
  • Coalition for Social Justice 
  • Community Resources for Justice, Boston 
  • Drug Enforcement Administration 
  • East Bridgewater Police Department 
  • High Point Treatment Center 
  • Horizons for Homeless Children 
  • Interfaith Social Services 
  • Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office 
  • Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination 
  • Massachusetts Department of Children and Families 
  • Massachusetts Department of Correction 
  • Massachusetts Department of Youth Services 
  • Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab 
  • MassEquality 
  • My Brother’s Keeper 
  • Old Colony YMCA 
  • Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office 
  • Reservitz & McCluskey Law Offices 
  • Riverside Community Care 
  • School on Wheels 
  • South Bay Mental Health 
  • South Elementary School, Stoughton 
  • The Counseling & Psychotherapy Center 
  • The Champion Plan 
  • The Key program 
  • The Lynch Foundation 
  • U.S. Marshals Service 
  • U. S. Probation and Pretrial Services 
  • U.S. Secret Service 
  • Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police 
  • Women’s Place Crisis Center 

My internship at High Point Treatment Center provided me with skills I could transfer to my career and contributed to my personal growth. It allowed me to apply the concepts I learned in the classroom in a real-world application.

Community-based Learning Opportunities and Practicum Opportunities 

In addition to internships, students have opportunities to learn and work in the field through either community-based learning (CBL) classes or a practicum. Offered in sociology, criminology and anthropology, these classes get students into the community either through meeting with various groups, mentoring, research, volunteering or some other kind of joint activity.

A practicum opportunity through the Sociology & Criminology Department offers a combination of traditional learning strategies coupled with several hours a week of community-based learning in the field, usually working in a social service or criminal justice agency. 

CBL Classes and Practicum Opportunities

  • Juvenile Justice – Professors Danielle Carkin-Lacorazza and Ed Jacoubs 
  • Practicum: Victims in the Courtroom – Professor Katie Currul-Dykeman 
  • Sociology of Childhood – Professor Jungyun Gill 
  • Some sections of Introduction to Sociology – Professor Corey Dolgon & Jungyun Gill 
  • Human Services – Professor Ken Branco 
  • Community Organizing – Professor Lee Farrow 
  • Seminar: At-Risk Families and Youth – Ed Jacoubs 
  • Learning Community: Food Justice – Professor Chris Wetzel 
  • Learning Community: Through the Looking Glass – Professor Dana David-Walsh 
  • Learning Community: Is There a Problem? – Professor Dana David-Walsh 
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology – Professor Linnea Carlson 
  • Learning Community: America’s Promise – Professors Corey Dolgon & Ed Jacoubs 
  • Social Problems – Professor Ken Branco 
  • Sociology of Marriage & Family – Professor Jungyun Gill 
  • Illness & Society – Professor Linnea Carlson
  • Sociology of Globalization – Professor Corey Dolgon 

Contact Information

Jungyun Gill

Jungyun Gill

Associate Professor of Sociology, Sociology & Criminology Department Chair, Sociology Program Director