Workshops and Training

If you are interested inviting a professional staff member to a class, workshop, seminar, panel, or special session, please contact our office by emailing or calling Liza Talusan, Director of Intercultural Affairs, at 508-565-1409 for availability. 

You may also want to check out our books Diversity: Untold Stories as well as Icebreakers and Teambuilders for Diversity


Don't Cancel That Class! Ask if a member of Intercultural Affairs is available for an in class lesson! 

Film Discussions

Each film also includes a process discussion with a professional staff member from Intercultural Affairs.

Professional Training

Post graduate preparation highlighting diversity competency, diversity related interviewing skills

Pre- and post- departure training

Class-Specific Presentations

Education and Teacher Training

  • Ways to increase intercultural awareness
  • Reflective exercises to gain self awareness about "what we bring to the classroom" as teachers
  • Challenge our practices as educators in a diverse classroom
  • Introduction of social justice education


  • Ways that media, marketing and presentations walk a delicate line in using racial imagery


  • Outsourcing, immigration and the case for diversity and inclusion


  • Focus on US History and race
  • Going beyond heroes and holidays


  • Using various philosophers (ie John Dewey, Paulo Friere, Max Greene) to discuss contemporary and Stonehill specific diversity issues


  • Reading and writing for a diverse audience
  • The use of language (diversity related)


  • Racism as a public health issues
  • The biology of race


  • The cost of diversity vs the cost of the absence of diversity
  • Using numbers to teach diversity and social justice
  • Racialization of poverty and social class

Social Science

  • Racial identity development
  • Racism as a public health issue
  • Construction of identity
  • Privilege in the criminal system

Religious studies

  • Religious diversity
  • Ways that religion and religious beliefs have shaped acceptance and/or dismissal of identity
  • Issues of Christianity and privilege