Workshops and Training

Diversity Related Courses

At Stonehill, we are committed to providing courses that engage critically in issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. As you select your courses, please view the semester specific documents that include courses that include or forefront issues of diversity. 

Fall 2015

Spring 2015


Classroom Opportunities

If you are interested inviting a professional staff member to a class, workshop, seminar, panel, or special session, please contact our office by emailing or calling The Office of Intercultural Affairs at 508-565-1409 for availability. 

You may also want to check out our books Diversity: Untold Stories as well as Icebreakers and Teambuilders for Diversity

Don't Cancel That Class! Ask if a member of Intercultural Affairs is available for an in class lesson! 

Film Discussions

Each film also includes a process discussion with a professional staff member from Intercultural Affairs.

Professional Training

Post graduate preparation highlighting diversity competency, diversity related interviewing skills

Pre- and post- departure training

Class-Specific Presentations

Education and Teacher Training

  • Ways to increase intercultural awareness
  • Reflective exercises to gain self awareness about "what we bring to the classroom" as teachers
  • Challenge our practices as educators in a diverse classroom
  • Introduction of social justice education


  • Ways that media, marketing and presentations walk a delicate line in using racial imagery


  • Outsourcing, immigration and the case for diversity and inclusion


  • Focus on US History and race
  • Going beyond heroes and holidays


  • Using various philosophers (ie John Dewey, Paulo Friere, Max Greene) to discuss contemporary and Stonehill specific diversity issues


  • Reading and writing for a diverse audience
  • The use of language (diversity related)


  • Racism as a public health issues
  • The biology of race


  • The cost of diversity vs the cost of the absence of diversity
  • Using numbers to teach diversity and social justice
  • Racialization of poverty and social class

Social Science

  • Racial identity development
  • Racism as a public health issue
  • Construction of identity
  • Privilege in the criminal system

Religious studies

  • Religious diversity
  • Ways that religion and religious beliefs have shaped acceptance and/or dismissal of identity
  • Issues of Christianity and privilege