Getting Involved

ALANA-A Brothers and Sisters (ABS)

ALANA-A Brothers and Sisters (ABS) are current Stonehill students who serve as ""big brothers and sisters"  to students who have an interest in diversity and activism. They serve as an additional resource and are instrumental in the transition and adjustment to college living. They have been trained to provide leadership, serve as advocates, and to support and empower the voices of students of color.

Asian American Society 

A student organization that promotes the global identities of Asians and Asian Americans at Stonehill. They work to promote a campus that is aware of issues in the Asian and Asian American communities, from celebrations to political and social issues.

Black Student Union (BSU)

Started by a student, the Black Student Union seeks to address issues commonly experienced by students who identify as Black, African, African American, Caribbean, Cape Verdean, and other self-identified ethnic identities that may share in this experience. Discussion groups are held once a month and facilitated by a student led team.

Campus Conversations on Diversity Series

The Campus Conversations on Diversity series is a collaboration between the Office of Intercultural Affairs and the Office of Human Resources. Designed to provide intentional opportunities for discussions about diversity, community members engage in dialogues around different topics each session. Topics have included "action planning for diversity", "addressing bias incidents", and "getting to know people at Stonehill."

DiverCity Festival

This culmination of dance (traditional and contemporary), fashion, and theatrical performance pulls from the talents of the Stonehill Community. Various aspects of diversity are represented through artistic form as we explore social issues that impact our community today. Part celebration, part education -- support the many students who work to shape a more just and compassionate community.

Diversity on Campus (D.O.C.)

A student group that provides programming and educational opportunities related to theme months and cultural events. They help raise awareness of diversity by planning and sponsoring intercultural related workshops, socials and events to educate, celebrate, empower and explore on issues related to diversity at Stonehill.

Diversity Networking Group

Consists of faculty, staff, and administrators who are interested in diversity at Stonehill and who look for ways to create a strong foundation within the professional community. 

Diversity and Inclusion Networking Event (D.I.N.E.) 

An opportunity after the Career Services Internship and Job Expos that provides employers with diversity related initiatives to meet our ALANA and LGBT students. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Christina Burney at if you are an employer and would like to be invited!

Diversity Committee of Student Government Association 

A newly formed executive committee that supports, encourages, and engages in programmatic and political promotion of diversity at Stonehill. By supporting diversity on the student executive board, students place diversity as a priority in their own community.

Exploring Whiteness 

A student led group that discusses a common understanding of ways in which identity and privilege intersect. Common themes explored include what it means to have whiteness, what is white as a cultural experience, systemic and institutional privileges that are associated with whiteness, and the ways in which white allies can interrupt the cycle of racism in our society. 

Faculty and Staff of Color Group 

An informal resource and networking group for professionals from racially underrepresented backgrounds at Stonehill. This group meets 2x a year. For more information, please conatct

GenOne (first generation college students)

GenOne is a safe space in which first-generation college students can discuss academic and social challenges, the identities of a GenOne student, changing relationships, and specific aspects of the college experience.

The Intercultural Experience Program (IEP)

The Intercultural Experience Program is a pre-orientation program open to all accepted first year students, and is designed specifically for first year students of color and international students in mind. Students learn about available resources, develop a familiarity with our campus, and develop a sense of community with one another prior to joining the rest of the first year students.

La Unidad/The Spanish Club 

A student organization that promotes the global identities of Hispanic and Latino Americans at Stonehill. La Unidad seeks to raise awareness of issues that concern Latinos and Hispanics, through programming, community dialogues, and cultural celebrations. La Unidad serves as a resource to students of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic backgrounds.

 Lunch with 12 Strangers Book Club

 A group that meets each semester to discuss a common book and theme. New members are always welcome! 

Moore Center for Gender Equity 

Coordinated by the faculty, the Moore Center for Gender Equity serves as a resource for programming related to women’s issues, gender and sexuality.


Our discussion group that brings men of color on campus together to talk about identity, experiences, issues of masculinity, and common goals. 

Providing a Responsible, Inclusive, and Diverse Environment (PRIDE) 

Dedicated to creating a humane campus environment for all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Raising Awareness of our Cultural Experiences (R.A.C.E.)

A discussion group for faculty, staff, administrators and students around issues of race, ethnicity, cultural inclusiveness, privilege and power. The group meets for 5-consecutive weeks to discuss personal ways that race and racism have affected our lives and our communities. The goal is to raise the level of cultural awareness in indivduals in order to affect change in our larger community.


Our women of color discussion group that brings together Stonehill women to talk about issues of identity, experiences, issues of feminism, gender, and common goals. 

Stonehill College chapter of Jane Doe 

Brings together organizations and people committed to ending domestic violence and sexual assault. They create social change by addressing the root cause of violence and by promoting justice and safety. Jane Doe has sponsored programs such as “Memoirs of Jane”, Faces of Feminism, clothing drives for women in shelters, movie showings and discussions, teddy bear drives for children of domestic violence, self-defense training, and much more.

Stonehill College chapter of Silent Witness Initiative 

Promotes peace, healing and responsibility in relationships in order to end domestic violence. They have 6 life size silhouettes that bear the statement “Silent Witness Initiative: Domestic Violence Awareness. Remember me” which serve as a reminder of the many women who have experienced and been witness to domestic violence.

Stonehill Alumni of Color Group

 A networking of graduates committed to increasing and supporting diversity at Stonehill. The group serves as mentors for recent graduates, current students of color, and incoming or prospective students. The group meets once a semester to socialize, network, and to create a cohesive community of alumni of color.  For more information, please contact