Bias Incident Prevention & Response Protocol

In keeping with the Stonehill College Mission Statement and the Mission of the Division of Student Affairs, we strive to provide a learning, working and living community free from hate, discrimination, harassment, and intolerance.

The fabric of our community can be impacted by negative behaviors and language and treatment towards one another. As such, the Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT) and Bias Incident Protocol were implemented to hold each other accountable and to address when individuals choose to participate in bias-related and hateful acts.

Stonehill College takes these actions seriously, and bias related incidents are addressed swiftly.

How to Report a Bias Incident

1. Report it to Campus Police

If you are a witness to or target of a bias act, please call Campus Police immediately at 508-565-5555 to report it.

2. File a Bias Incident Report

Next, please complete and submit the Bias Incident Reporting Form. Your report will be sent to members of the Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team.

3. Expect a Response

Upon receiving your report, the Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT) will gather to determine which, if any, information should be immediately communicated to the larger community. The team considers the gravity of the incident(s), relays a comprehensive response and follow-up, and suggests ways to proactively address issues of difference, diversity, acceptance, civility and respect.

What is a Bias Incident?

Behavior reflecting bias may constitute a violation college policies including but not limited to the Opposition to Sexual & Gender Based Misconduct & Intrapersonal Violence, the Opposition to Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Discrimination policy, Community Standards & College Policies, and Residence Life Policies & Procedures. These behaviors may also violate local, state and/or federal laws and regulations.

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Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT)

The purpose of the BIPRT is to provide a structure for action, assistance, and appropriate communication in the event of a bias incident or hate crime in both a timely and productive manner.

Role of BIPRT

  1. Receive timely and sensitive information on a need to know basis
  2. Assess the circumstances of the incident as thoroughly and quickly as possible
  3. Assist in implementing of a coordinated and appropriate community response (engaging partners as needed)
  4. Engage community members in education, dialogue and awareness to provide a learning, working and living community free from hate, discrimination, harassment, and intolerance
  5. Inform the community of resolutions as needed
  6. Serve as campus resources for a person(s) experiencing bias 

BIPRT Members

Bias Incident Prevention & Response Team (BIPRT) Members   
Constanza Cabello Director of Intercultural Affairs 508-565-1411
Kevin Piskadlo Dean of Students 508-565-1099
Rita Pisapia Director of Community Standards 508-565-1816
Peter Carnes Chief of Police 508-565-1717
Kristen Pierce Director of Residence Life 508-565-1290
Jim Hermelbracht Director of Student Activities 508-565-1020
Maryann Biedak Director of Human Resources 508-565-1106