Bias Response Protocol

How to Report an Act of Bias

Step 1. Report it to Campus Police

If you are a witness to or target of a bias act, please call Campus Police immediately at (508) 565-5555 to report it.

Step 2. File a report with Intercultural Affairs

Next, please submit a Bias Reporting Form to Intercultural Affairs either online or by hand or campus mail. (.pdf)

Bias Response Team & Protocol

Given Stonehill's commitment to providing a "multicultural academic community in which the dignity and worth of each of its members is respected", the Bias Response Team and Bias Response Protocol were launched as a resource for the Stonehill community to report and respond to incidents of bias.

The Bias Response Team is also the formal body that documents bias related incidents in order to address issues of discrimination more effectively.


The purpose is to provide a structure for action, assistance, and appropriate communication in the event of a bias incident or hate crime in both a timely and productive manner.


The team gathers to determine which, if any, information should be communicated, considers the gravity of the incident(s), relays a comprehensive response and follow-up, and suggests ways to proactively address issues of difference, diversity, acceptance, civility and respect via the Bias Educational Team.