Talent & Human Resources Management Program Overview

Students in the Meehan School of Business Talent & Human Resources Management major gain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the human resources sector specifically, or to excel as a manager of people in any sector. It also provides a solid foundation for taking the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) certification exam.

Why Become a Talent & Human Resources Management Major?

The job market for human resources management professionals is growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the human resources profession will have “faster than average” growth over the next decade. In line with that prediction, The Wall Street Journal has named human resources management the 35th of 800 “most promising careers of the next decade” based on expected job growth and salary.

Human Resources Managers Who Lead with Compassion

As a Catholic institution we are called to teach our students not only to recognize the inherent dignity of each individual, but to have the awareness and the ability to help the organizations they work for treat each individual consistent with that belief.

This program contributes to graduates’ ability to make change in the workplace that goes beyond just “awareness” and instead examines how organizations’ policies and systems in hiring and evaluation directly impact how diverse an organization will be, how equitably it treats all employees, and whether or not, and to what degree, employees of marginalized groups feel included in the organization.

Leaders Who Bring a Global Mindset to the Workplace

This is a human resources management program built around the desire for students to positively impact society at large. It focuses on two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  1. UN SDG 4 (Quality Education)
  2. SDG 5 (Gender Equality).

This global mindset is further developed through a requirement to take the program’s Managing Diversity in Organizations course and an option to take an international Global Human Resources Management course. Additionally, International Business is required of all majors in the Meehan School’s business disciplines.

Communications Skills That Open Doors in HR and Beyond

Talent and Human Resources Management courses prioritize allowing students to practice different kinds of communication.

For example:

  • In the Human Resource Management class, students engage in a structured debate around current topics in HRM such as the living wage, paternity leave and remote work 
  • In our Teamwork class, students work extensively in communicating in teams and produce a podcast as a final project.
  • In the Negotiation course students get extensive practice communicating in potentially conflictual situations, with the explicit learning goal of learning how to persuade in terms of what others want or appealing to values that others care about and will listen to.

Careers in Human Resources Management

The national projected growth in the Talent & Human Resources Management industry is high. From human resources manager and benefits manager to compensation specialist, there are a number of potential career paths and opportunities available.

Average Median Salary

The average human resources manager salary in Boston, Massachusetts, is $134,477 as of April 24, 2024.

Job Growth

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of human resources managers is projected to grow 5 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations.

Most Promising Careers

In 2021, The Wall Street Journal named human resources management the 35th of 800 “most promising careers of the next decade” based on expected job growth and salary.

AACSB Accredited

Stonehill’s business program is accredited by AACSB International, placing us within an elite group of higher education institutions that make up less than 6% of the world’s business schools.

Recent Accolades

Organizations involved in assessing U.S. colleges and universities continually cite Stonehill as being among the best in the nation when it comes to value, outcomes and a commitment to making the world a better place. See full list of accolades.

Sample Course

Talent Acquisition and Development

MGT 355
People are critical to organizations’ success, and crucial for executing strategies and establishing competitive advantages. Effective talent acquisition, performance management, and development systems must align with organizational goals, utilizing employee capabilities to boost results. This course empowers students to craft, implement, and assess these systems, highlighting their significance in strategic planning. Topics covered include job analysis, recruitment, onboarding, career development, performance management, and retention, with a focus on contemporary issues in performance and talent management.

Teamwork in Organizations

MGT 376
Teams are increasingly vital in business, public sector, nonprofits, and academia for solving complex issues. Effective teams demand strong leadership, attention to process, innovative thinking, communication skills, and appreciation for diverse talents. Despite their importance, few are trained in team creation and management. This course focuses on theory and best practices in team formation, teamwork, leadership, and multi-team management. Specialized topics like virtual teams, global collaboration, team communication, dynamics, and team management are also covered.

Total Rewards

MGT 447
This course lays the groundwork for the art of compensation and benefit practices, examining the context of those practices, criteria used, system design issues, and the challenges rising from operating in the current economic environment. It provides in-depth understanding and ability to implement and explain advanced compensation and benefits to management and employees of various organizations. It also emphasizes managing employees within the legal framework of federal, local, and state regulations.

International Human Resources Management

MGT 450
This course covers the key talent and human resources management issues facing multi-national corporations, focusing primarily on four areas: strategic context, national/cultural context, global talent management, and the projected future role of HRM. This course will provide the basic knowledge to enable students who become HRM professionals to be valuable partners to the rest of the organization, and those working in other roles to understand the issues and complexities of managing people in multi- national organizations.

Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

Pair Your Degree With a Master's Degree in Business

The Skyhawk Accelerated Dual Degree allows Stonehill students to earn a bachelor's degree and master's degree in as little as four years. Eligible students receive early and expedited admission to their graduate program of interest and can begin working toward a master's degree in marketing or data analytics.

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