Agility, Ethics Define Management Major

Stonehill’s holistic approach to the management major equips graduates to lead in an evolving field.

Program Overview 

The Management major in Stonehill's Meehan School of Business prepares students to be leaders in a variety of industries. Students choose to concentrate in either General Management or Management Information Systems (MIS). The major is designed to provide students with basic knowledge in each of these areas using several tools: 

  • Case studies 
  • Classroom lectures and discussions 
  • Community-based learning projects 
  • Computer simulations 
  • Internships 
  • Team projects 
  • Research reports 

In line with the current concerns of the business community, particular focus is placed on ethical values, the behavioral sciences and international operations. 

Management Curriculum

The most broadly focused of Stonehill’s business programs, the management major builds on a strong business and liberal arts core curriculum. Students can concentration in either General Management or Management Information Systems (MIS).

The General Management concentration allows students to experience a broad-based curriculum with coursework in human resource management, organizational behavior, project management and operations management.

The MIS concentration prepares students to manage the technology needs in an industry where success and competitiveness are dependent on technology. This concentration educates students in business intelligence, networking, database systems, cybersecurity and IT project management. 

Sample Management Courses

Human Resource Management

General Management Course
The course provides an overview of the human resources field and the opportunity to study common employment practices in organizations. Topics include employee recruitment, selection, orientation, training and development, retention, performance management, rewards and compensation, benefits, counseling, employment legislation, the changing workplace and diversity, and labor relations. Emphasis is on current, relevant, and important issues through cases and readings.

Managerial Negotiation and Decision Making

General Management Course
This is the senior Management Capstone course whose goal is to provide insights and tools which enable students to improve their negotiating and decision-making skills, as well as to understand the actions of others. Extensive use of readings, cases and experiential exercises.

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems Course
This course looks at concepts and principles of computer-based information systems in organizations. Topics include: management decisions and human information processing; review of computing fundamentals; varieties of computer-based information systems; systems life cycle. Readings, lectures, discussion, and case studies are used to explore concepts and their applications.

Data Communications, Networking, and Security

Management Information Systems Course
This course provides foundations in digital communications as a basis for modern telecommunications and the Internet. It progresses from the elements of data, voice and video signals and information transmission to the principles of telecommunications, networks, and the Internet. Special attention given to the importance of modern telecommunications in business as well as the criticality of IT security in corporations. Topics include: network standards (TCP/IP), security, Ethernet/switched LANs/wireless LANs, Internet of Things (IoT), and networked applications.

AACSB Accredited

The Management & Business Analytics Department is accredited by AACSB International, placing us within an elite group of higher education institutions that make up less than 5% of the world’s business schools. 

Where Our Management Graduates Work

Stonehill’s management graduates go on to work at a range of notable organizations. Continue exploring where Stonehill graduates work. 

What stands out the most to me is the individual attention that professors were always willing to give. It really made a difference in helping me understand a variety of situations and encouraged me to think outside the box

Partnerships & Special Programs

Stonehill College has developed academic affiliations with colleges and universities that enable our students to augment the degree they earn at Stonehill with graduate and undergraduate degrees that further enhance their opportunities.

Pair Your Degree with a Master’s Degree

Pair your degree with a master’s in integrated marketing communications or data analytics. Our master’s programs provide you with the skills the market demands and partner well with several majors on campus. You can also pursue graduate-level courses as an elective during your senior year at Stonehill.

Contact Information

Michael J. Sale

Michael J. Sale

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Data Analytics Master of Professional Studies Program Director, Management & Business Analytics Chair, Management Information Systems Program Director, Data Analytics Minor Program Director
Meehan School of Business 229