Stonehill Partners / On-Campus Recruiting

Fall 2016 On Campus Interview Dates:

OCR Start: Monday, September 26th
OCR End: Wednesday, November 16th

Spring 2017 On Campus Interview Dates:

OCR Start: Thursday, February 16th
OCR End: Wednesday, April 12th
*No interviews the week of Spring Break, March 6th-10th, or on Wednesday, February 15th, the day of our Job & Internship Expo

Job Offers are Highly Encouraged by April 24th, 2017

If you'd like to recruit the best that Stonehill has to offer, consider becoming a Stonehill Partner. To reserve a date for On Campus Interviews, please contact the Employer Relations Team (contact information below).

Why Participate?

The Stonehill Partners Program matches our top employers with students who have gone above and beyond to distinguish themselves as top candidates.

  1. Students have completed an orientation on professionalism during the interview process and during employment.
  2. Students have had their resume reviewed and approved by a member of the Career Development team.
  3. In addition, employers are able to request additional criteria be met (for example: GPA requirements, etc...).

The Process

From you, we will need a job description(s) as well as the student population you would like us to advertise your job to (for example: junior psychology majors with a 3.0 or above). From there, the process is as follows:

  1. We will post your position(s) on our Handshake site
  2. We will advertise your position(s) to the appropriate student population including to faculty and student organizations
  3. Students will be required to apply in our Handshake system by a date of your choosing
  4. We will send you the group of resumes the day following the selected deadline
  5. From there, you are welcome to reach out to students directly, or - for even better results - allow us to create an interview schedule for you for either On Campus Interviews or Off Campus (at your location) Interviews.

Employer Recruiting Policies

Please take a moment to review our recruiting policies, which can be found at this link: