Internship Placement

Stonehill students are required to secure their own internships as part of the New York Internship program, but will have access to a number of resources through the Career Development Center including the Career Mentor Database, online internship search databases, postings in Handshake and the support of Career Advisors.  Students will participate in an orientation specific to their program that will cover internship search strategies and techniques, the interview process, and Stonehill connections in the particular location.  Accepted students will also be asked to complete a mock interview with a member of the Career Development team to help them prepare for internship interviews.

Hear what some of our New York Internship Program Alumni Have to Say..... 

Aimee Chiavaroli '16

 spring 2015 intern at Glitterati, Inc.
Major: English and Interdisciplinary Studies: Editing and Publishing 

How's NYC?: I LOVE New York. Every day I find myself taking pictures of buildings, street art, random things that are beautiful to me. There's so much opportunity. I feel like my friends and I are always catching the subway to areas of the city we've never been to and finding cool spots.

Internship Duties: So far, I've done copy editing for a photography book with some copy and a children's book. This week I'm reading a manuscript and writing a 'Back Ad' for a book -- my first big writing project. The Back Ad is the text on the back of the book people read to decide if they want to buy it. What I write for this book will be featured in press releases and on Amazon, so I'm pretty stoked. I'll also be doing social media, creating and sending invites to events, filing author contracts, and writing flap copy.

What skills your experience will give you: I'll come out having a solid understanding of how a publishing company works. That whole process fascinates me. I'll polish my writing and editing skills, and I'll gain technical skills through updating the website and social media. I'll be gaining a completely invaluable experience.

Alex Girard '16


What do you love about New York? New York City is absolutely amazing. I live just two subway stops from my office on Broadway, and anything I could ever want is literally right outside my door.

Internship Duties: At Atlantic, I monitor artist media coverage in national, regional, and online news outlets; update and maintain the Atlantic Records press site; and assist at special events for artists. I am also participating in "Marketing Madness," where me and a team of interns will create a marketing campaign for one of our artists to be presented to the COO of Atlantic Records.

What skills the internship gives you: This internship has given me a greater understanding of the inner-workings of the music industry. There is so much that goes into putting out the music that we all listen to, and it is so amazing to be a part of that process. Specifically, this internship has taught me to work in a fast paced environment, while still being thorough in my work.

Dan Wintemberg '16

spring 2015 intern at gerstein fisher
Major: Economics

What do you love about New York? I love the fast pace atmosphere of New York and getting to become more independent.

Internship Duties: Market Research

Skills the internship gives me: I compile investments using a multi-factor approach limits risks and yields greater returns on investment.

Erin Kelly '13

Major: Communications

 Interning in New York City was one of the highlights of my Stonehill career! The real world experience gave me the confidence I needed to excel in post-grad life, and I gained valuable skills which I will always carry with me. Also, being able to explore all parts of the city each weekend was amazing! There was not a dull day in the entire semester I was there!