Students have the option to intern part-time or full-time based on their schedule and department approvals.  Credits are earned based on the number of hours worked each week.

3 Credits  8+ hours/week (12+ for Business Majors)
6 Credits 16+ hours/week (24+ for Business Majors)
9 Credits 32+ hours/week

Full-Time Local Internship Program

With the approval of your academic department, you may have the opportunity to create your own a full-time local internship program, similar in structure to our internship programs away in New York, Washington DC and Los Angeles.  A sample credit structure is below.  Please speak with your faculty moderator for more information.

9 Credits 32+ hours/week at a local internship
3/4 Credits Academic course of your choice taken at Stonehill
3 Credits Academic work under the guidance of your faculty moderator

Departments that Require Internships

A number of academic departments require that students complete at least one for-credit internship to graduate.  Make sure that you are aware of your requirements from the beginning of your time at Stonehill so that you can plan accordingly.  Departments that currently require internships include:  

Criminology   Sociology English
Graphic Design* Healthcare Administration Political Science & International Studies
  Health Sciences*  

        * Beginning with the class of 2020

Getting Credit for Your Internship

Students who wish to receive academic credit for their internship should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to 'myHill'
  2. Click on the 'myPlans'tab
  3. Go to the "Stonehill U.S. Internship Request for Approval" channel
  4. Complete the online internship application prior to the end of Add/Drop period

Note:  All for-credit internships require faculty approval prior to the end of that semester's add/drop period. Students have the option to complete internships for credit or not-for-credit.  See the full list of faculty moderators by department here.

Summer Internship Registration

Students may intern for up to 3 internship credits over the summer.  Two options are available: a summer-for-summer internship, and a summer-fall split internship.  For more information, and instructions on obtaining credit for your internship, go to the Registrar's webpage: .