Useful Websites for the Fields of Education & Teaching

K-12, Public (REQUIRE certification)

K-12, Private & Specialized Programs (certification not required)

  • AmeriCorps - AmeriCorps is the national service program that allows people of all ages and backgrounds to earn help paying for education in exchange for a year of service. 
  • CAPE: Council for American Private Education - Links to job board for Catholic schools, Montessori schools and more.
  • Education Crossing - "Largest collection of education jobs on earth."
  • Stonehill Service Corps - Opportunities to teach in grades K-12 at Trinity Catholic Academy
  • Teach for America - All academic majors and career interests can apply to commit two years to teach in urban and rural public schools.

Higher Education

Teaching English Abroad

Teaching abroad is one of the most accessible options for longer-term work abroad, typically for a year or two, though some programs offer short-term placements. Many programs allow you to recieve Teaching English as a second or foreign language (T.E.S.L., E.S.L., T.E.F.L., E.F.L.) certification.

Post-Graduate Service

There are many service programs, domestically and abroad, which allow you to teach. Schedule a meeting with Kris Silva, Associate Director of Career Services (508-565-1325) to start exploring your options.

Recommended Timeline for Teaching Positions

* The job search for educators does not follow the typical job search timeline. Many school districts are under restricted budgets and do not have a final budget until the summer. Therefore, many job openings will not be posted until then. Keep looking through the summer as school systems continue to hire into the beginning of the school year.

Winter Break

  • Revise and update your resume and create a cover letter
  • Begin to develop a list of schools/systems that interest you
  • Ask for recommendations: be sure to tell faculty you will need to receive their letter directly and will be making multiple copies of it; applying to many positions is essential to acquiring your first teaching job
  • Compile 3-5 references
  • Tell EVERYONE that you are looking for a teaching job.


  • Start looking in local newspapers for job listings
  • Go online and see if the school systems you are interested list their openings on their website
  • Attend Job Fairs, networking events, etc.
  • Continue to revise and update resume
  • Schedule a mock interview and prepare for interviews

MERC Job Fair

The annual MERC Job Fair is held in April during Massachusetts' school break week at Cabot Gym at Northeastern University. MERC (Massachusetts Educational Recruiting Consortium) is an organization of 42 Massachusetts colleges and universities, including Stonehill, dedicated to facilitating the hiring process in the education field. Each year Stonehill students are invited to come speak with, and give their resumes to, representatives from hundreds of public and private school from around the country.

If you are an alumnus interested in attending MERC, please email