How many hours do I need work if I am earning academic credit?
3 Credits: Students must work a minimum of 8 hours (12 hours for business majors)
6 Credits: Students must work a minimum of 16 hours (24 hours for business majors)
9 Credits: Students should work a minimum of 32 hours/week

When should I start looking into completing an internship?
Typically, students complete internships during their junior and senior years, but freshman and sophomore students may also participate depending on the employer. Some organizations have early deadlines, so it is helpful to start planning at least a semester ahead. Check your department's class year requirements related to for-credit internships.

How many internships can I do for credit?
Typically, departments allow students to complete 2 internships for credit during their academic career at Stonehill. Check with a faculty member in your department for specifics. You can also complete additional internships for experience (no credit).

How many internships should I do?
We strongly recommend that you complete at least two internships before leaving Stonehill.

Can I receive credit for an internship AND get paid?
Yes. The majority of internships are unpaid, but you can receive credit and get paid. During the summer, consider completing an internship for 1-2 days a week and working part-time the remainder of the week. Then you can have the best of both worlds: related experience and money!

Do I need to obtain credit for my internship?
No, although some majors do require internships as part of the program.  Make sure you check with your faculty advisor.  If you do not receive credit for an internship, the experience will still go on your resume.

How are internships graded?
In general, grading is usually based on a combination of student journals, a paper and supervisor evaluations, and is determined by the faculty moderator. Visit our website for a listing of faculty moderators by department.

How do I receive credit for a summer internship?
Students have two options. Both options require approval from a faculty moderator prior to leaving campus for the summer.
a) Summer for Summer Credit: Students register with the Registrar’s Office, pay summer school tuition and complete all required hours and academic work over the summer.
b) Summer for Fall Credit: Students register with the Registrar’s Office, pay a small administrative fee, complete all required hours over the summer and most academic work during the fall semester. Students have the option of counting the summer internship as a sixth course during the fall semester if their GPA is 3.3 or higher.

Is summer internship housing available?
Yes, a limited amount of student housing is available on campus.  The Office of Residence life manages the housing application process.  Click here for more information.

What if my internship is not going well?
Notify your faculty moderator or a Career Advisor as soon as possible. If you are participating in a Washington DC, Los Angeles or New York City internship, you should also notify your program coordinator or placement representative.