Stanley A. Bauman Photograph Collection

Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts, photographer Stanley Bauman (1913-2007) spent his entire life using a camera to capture moments that document the history of Brockton and southeastern Massachusetts. In 1998, after receiving the President's medal at Stonehill College's annual President's Dinner, Mr. Bauman announced he would leave his entire life's work to the college after his death. After his death in 2007, the collection, which includes over 500,000 negatives from 1946-2002, with some negatives from the 1930s, along with numerous prints, slides, scrapbooks and artifacts, was moved the five miles from Mr. Bauman's home in Brockton to its new home at Stonehill.

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1946 - 1958 Bauman Negative Index

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Preserving the Collection

The Stonehill College Archives and Historical Collections' staff is currently working on a long-term project to process the collection, which will ensure its preservation and researcher access.

This process involves:

  • cleaning the collection,
  • assessing negatives for damage and preservation concerns,
  • placing negatives into archival enclosures and boxes,
  • creating electronic finding aids for the collection using Mr. Bauman's handwritten and typed paper indexes.

During this process, the collection is open on a limited basis.  The collection contains a limited number of negatives from the 1930s. To date, our staff processed and indexed over 25,000 envelopes containing over 100,000 negatives for the period of 1946 to 1958.  Student interns are currently working on processing envelopes from 1959. If you would like to request a photograph or want more information about the collection please contact the Director of Archives and Historical Collections, Nicole Casper at or visit our Researching the Bauman Collection page.

Finding Images

There are four ways to find images.

  1. ArchivesSpace - Patrons may search our online collection management software, ArchivesSpace, in order to search for negatives in the processed portion of the collection. Since it is an accurate representation of what the collection contains, we refer all patrons to ArchivesSpace.  Please note that ArchivesSpace does not contain images.
  2. Research Appointment - We are unable to accommodate walk-in appointments. Depending on the scale of your research, you may need to schedule a research appointment to search Mr. Bauman's original indexes for negatives from the unprocessed portion of the collection. Please see our Researching the Bauman Collection webpage for more information on scheduling appointments.
  3. Facebook -  We regularly post images to our Facebook page and this is where you can find some of the most iconic images from Brockton and the surrounding area. If you would like to order a print of an image on Facebook, please email archives staff the image's title, original date, and item number (if posted with the image), as well as when the image was posted to Facebook. All of this information accompanies the image on our Facebook timeline.
  4. Reference Request - Lastly, you may submit a reference request asking archives staff to conduct a limited search for negatives. Again, please visit our  Researching the Bauman Collection webpage for more information on reference requests.

Once you identify negatives of interest, we may need to send you a contact sheet in order for you to determine if the images are of interest and, if so, which images you would like to order prints of. In order to create a contact sheet, archives staff must scan the negatives, a process that lasts anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the size of the request. Because the scanning process is labor intensive we must limit the number of envelopes/negatives patrons may request per month (every 30 days). For more information on this, see the Contact Sheets section below.

Contact Sheets

Contact sheets are provided at the request of patrons.  Watermarked PDF contact sheets of a maximum of 20 envelopes/100 negatives (whichever is greater) are provided at no charge per requester, per month. Requests exceeding this monthly limit will incur a charge of $0.50 per additional negative (with a minimum of a $5.00 charge). To order contact sheets, please send the item number(s) and title(s) of the negative(s) you would like to see to Assistant Director of Archives Jonathan Green at Once we receive this information we can scan the negatives and create the contact sheet.

Purchasing Prints

You may purchase prints of scanned images. Stonehill contracts with a professional photo lab for high-quality photographic prints. These prints are not watermarked, but are protected under copyright and cannot be duplicated under any circumstances. Print orders can take two (2) to four (4) weeks to complete, and prints may be picked up in person or mailed to you via the USPS. Photographs are available for purchase at the current prices.

5 x 7 print - $15.00 8 x 10 print - $25.00 11 x 14 print - $40.00 16 x 20 print - $80.00

Order Form

Credit Authorization Form

Purchasing Digital Images

Low resolution JPEG files at a maximum of 150 dpi and 2 inch x 3 inch scans of Bauman images may be requested at a cost of $5 per image. Images will contain a watermark and are for personal use only.


Images are not available to view online.

Prices are subject to change.

Buying a print does not give you permission to scan and/or publish a Bauman Image.  All print or electronic reproduction of Bauman images requires a user agreement.  Please contact Director of Archives Nicole Casper at 508-565-1121 for more information about using a Bauman image in a publication or for other commercial use.

1946 - 1958 Bauman Negative Index