Arnold B. Tofias Industrial Archives (aka Ames Shovel Museum)

Donated to Stonehill College by real estate developer, Arnold Tofias, in 1973, The Arnold B. Tofias Industrial Archives are the records, artifacts and papers of 19th and 20th century Ames enterprises, in particular the O. Ames Company, manufacturers of shovels. In addition to 783 shovels, the collection includes over 1,500 linear ft. of manuscript material.

Please note that Archives staff do not have the ability to identify, date, or determine the value of shovels.

Ames True Temper Collection

The Ames True Temper Collection was acquired by Stonehill College from 2002 to 2006 from the current Ames Company's facility in Parkersburg, West Virginia, since closed. The collection includes some materials from the 19th century but is dominated by 20th century items. Everything from inventories and catalogs to anti-submarine depth charges ("hedgehogs") made during WWII. The collection also contains promotional films and videos.  

Ames Family Collection

This Collection documents the diverse reach of an enterprising and successful industrial family from the mid-19th through mid-20th centuries. Success with shovels provided the means to investment and financial success in other industries. The Collection also contains records of these endeavors in addition to extensive records of the day to day personal finances and estates of the many members of the Ames Family in the 19th and 20th centuries.

David Ames Papers

Offering an in depth look at the life of David Ames, Sr., this collection spans the first half of the twentieth century. The David Ames Papers are comprised a wide variety of records including correspondence, publications, and scrapbooks, as well as photographs.

Ingram Papers

Donated by David B. Ingram in 2007, this collection provides primary and secondary source data on ironworking in southeastern Massachusetts during the Colonial era. The product of over fifty years of research in Boston area historical collections, the David B. Ingram Collection consists of photocopies of maps, deeds, correspondence, meeting minutes, and other primary sources, as well as historical volumes and Mr. Ingram’s research notes. Topics addressed by the collection include the iron industry, cannon making, lands and boundaries in southeastern Massachusetts, and individual and family biographical information.  

Brockton Shoe Museum Collections

Dedicated in 1981, the mission of the Brockton Shoe Museum is to preserve and promote the history of the United States Shoe Industry with an emphasis on Brockton and Southeastern Massachusetts. Its collections include over five hundred different shoes, as well as records and publications relating to the shoe industry. In 2012, the Brockton Historical Society transferred the collections to Stonehill’s care.  The agreement ensures the ongoing preservation of the collection, which was not possible at the Brockton Historical Society site.  Today, the Society continues to retain the name and displays of shoes. To see displays please visit the Brockton Historical Society located at 216 North Pearl Street, Brockton, MA 02301.

Requests for information can be submitted via email to the Director of Archives and Historical Collections, Nicole Casper at or 508.565.1121.

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