The James "Lou" Gorman Collection at Stonehill College consists of documents, photographs, and artifacts from Mr. Gorman's time as a Stonehill student through his career with the Boston Red Sox. At the bottom of this page is the collection finding aid, which contains more detailed information.

About Lou Gorman

James Gerald "Lou" Gorman was born in Providence, Rhode Island on February 18, 1929. From an early age Mr. Gorman demonstrated an innate athletic ability and a deep passion for sports. Playing pick-up baseball with his friends, Mr. Gorman earned the lifelong nickname, "Lou," as he was the sandlot's answer to the great Lou Gehrig. After graduating from La Salle Academy in 1947, Mr. Gorman attended Stonehill College where he majored in English and played varsity baseball and basketball.

Graduating from Stonehill in 1953, Mr. Gorman served active duty in the Navy for eight years before pursuing a career in professional baseball. In 1961 he began working in the minor leagues. In 1964 he moved into the Major League Baseball Association after being hired by the Baltimore Orioles. From here his career took off. He joined the Kansas City Royals in 1968, the Seattle Mariners in 1975, the New York Mets in 1980, and, finally, the Boston Red Sox in 1984. In 1994, he exchanged the title of General Manager for Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations. Mr. Gorman retired from full-time employment with the Red Sox in 1996, though he continued to work as an Executive Consultant for the organization for the rest of his life. 

Despite his commitments to professional baseball and the Naval Reserves, Mr. Gorman found time to complete his Master's in Education at Bridgewater State College (Bridgwater State University) in 1961. He served on Stonehill's Board of Trustees, received honorary degrees from Stonehill College and Franklin Pierce College, and was inducted into the Red Sox, Stonehill College, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America's halls of fame. Mr. Gorman passed away on April 1, 2011, opening day for the Red Sox season.

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